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Are you looking for the best mattress brands in St. Louis and the surrounding area? Then you’ve come to the right place. Catering to a range of sleep preferences, our vCollections at Verlo Mattress® of St. Charles provide the comfort and support you’re searching for at incredible prices. Each mattress can even be tailored to your ideal comfort setting.

At our showroom in St. Charles, you can explore all our vCollections in person to find the perfect combination of features and materials that make up your dream mattress.The vCollections available at Verlo Mattress of St. Charles include:

  • Intro Mattress Collection – Explore our most affordable mattress collection — you’ll be amazed by the quality construction and comfort you’ll find at such a low price.
  • v1 Mattress Collection – Another inexpensive option that’s a perfect fit for a tight budget, our v1 collection features more coils and a denser, longer-lasting foam than most other mattresses with a similar price.
  • v3 Mattress Collection – Enjoy the benefits of breathable gel memory foam that conforms to your body with our v3 mattress collection, available at an incredibly affordable price for this feature. 
  • v5 Mattress Collection – Try a v5 mattress with individually wrapped coils that won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements on your mattress.
  • v7 Mattress Collection – For a durable mattress that keeps you comfortable through the night, try our v7 mattresses featuring specialty fibers for temperature control and our CoilMax support system.
  • v9 Mattress Collection – For a premium-level, choose a v9 mattress made using layers of luxurious materials and an exceptional quality coil system.
  • v11 Mattress Collection – Indulge in the ultimate sleep experience with one of our luxury v11 mattresses, which are hand-crafted using premium materials and the features you love most from our range of vCollections.
  • Sleepiphany –  Enjoy unparalleled comfort night after night with a Sleepiphany mattress that you can customize on demand. Simply stack the five comfort layers anyway you choose to achieve the comfort level that suits you best.

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For a better night’s sleep, you need a better mattress. Visit Verlo Mattress of St. Charles to try one of the best mattress brands in St. Charles, St. Peters, Town and Country, University City, and the St. Louis Northwest metro area. You can also visit or contact us at (636) 949-9140 to learn more about our vCollections.

Intro Mattress Collection

Intro Mattress Collection

Our intro collection is our most inexpensive mattress. Despite it’s ultra-affordable price point, the intro collection offers a level of comfort and support well above comparable mattresses from the best mattress brands.

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v1 Mattress Collection

Our v1 Mattress Collection uses higher density foam and 30% more coils than comparably priced mattresses from other brands, making it an ideal mattress for budget-conscious sleepers.

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v1 Mattress Collection
v3 Mattress Collection

v3 Mattress Collection

Our v3 Mattress Collection includes a layer of body-conforming gel memory foam with an open cellular design. The result is a more supportive, more breathable mattress at a surprisingly affordable price.

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v5 Collection

Our v5 Mattress Collection is an ideal choice for anyone ready to invest in a great night’s sleep. This custom comfort mattress contains individually wrapped coils, so that movement on one side of the mattress doesn’t affect the other side.

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v5 Collection
v7 Collection

v7 Collection

Our v7 Mattress Collection includes Tencel yarn specialty fibers, designed to help wick moisture and regulate temperature, and CoilMax construction for increased motion separation and longevity.

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v9 Collection

Our v9 Mattress Collection offers a level of comfort and support that only the best mattress brands can match. Its design combines a premium coil system with more layers of natural materials, relieving stress on common pressure points, while supporting your body’s natural contours.

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v9 Collection
v11 Collection

v11 Collection

Our v11 Mattress Collection is the ultimate luxury mattress. Hand-crafted using only premium components, this mattress is personally fitted to your comfort. It includes all the most highly-sought features from our other vCollections, along with luxury materials like breathable wool fabric and natural cashmere fibers.

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vLatex Mattress

Our vLatex Mattress Collection is made out of 100% natural, sustainably sourced latex — a material used by the best mattress brands for luxurious comfort. The result is a mattress that’s eco-friendly, comfortable, and supportive in equal measure.

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vLatex Mattress Collection


Our patent-pending Sleepiphany mattress could be the last mattress you buy. This innovative bed in a box makes it easy to adjust the softness or firmness of your mattress at home. Each side is made up of five foam comfort layers, which can be stacked in different combinations for different levels of firmness. It takes only minutes to find your perfect comfort setting, and you can easily adjust the comfort level of your mattress over time.

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Find Out Why We’re Among the Best Mattress Brands

Ready to experience our vCollection Mattresses in person? Simply visit your nearest Verlo showroom, and discover why we’re one of America’s best mattress brands.

Each of our showrooms contains a wide range of vCollection mattresses. This way, you can test different mattresses in person and find the perfect vCollection for your budget, sleep habits, and comfort preferences.

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