The great eight reasons to choose Verlo

There are many reasons to buy a Verlo Mattress. We’ve narrowed it down to 8 Great reasons to choose Verlo!

Reason # 1:

We’re a second generation, family-owned and operated business.  My Dad and older brother opened this store over 25 years ago! Their sons are still involved in the business.  You’re not JUST talking with a salesperson at Verlo.  You’re with family, with the guys that build your mattress.  We’re not JUST selling you a mattress.  We genuinely care about improving the quality of your sleep.

Reason # 2:

We have a local factory! You have the benefit of buying factory-direct! That means we don’t have a middleman markup, so you save money! You’re also buying local! So, not only are you supporting a local business, but you’re dealing with people in your community, with over 30 years of combined experience! We’ll work tirelessly to make sure you’re sleeping soundly!

Reason # 3:

Our Free Comfort Adjustment! Most mattress retailers only give you 30 to 180 days to try their mattress. The problem with this is you may not fully adjust to your mattress in that amount of time. We offer you a free comfort adjustment during the first YEAR of sleeping on your new mattress! So, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll pick it up and change the feel, for free!

Reason # 4:

Our 100% non-prorated warranty! Have you ever purchased something with a limited warranty? When you actually need something serviced, you find they won’t do anything for you. Our warranties are not limited. We’ll take care of you, whether you’ve had our mattress 15 days or up to 15 years!

Reason # 5:

We have comfort coaches that care! We’ve found our guests face enough of a challenge just trying to find the right mattress. The least of their worries should be poor service. We want your experience to be positive. From the moment you walk through our door to when we are leaving your house. And we’ll be there for you for the life of your mattress!

Reason # 6:

We build a double-sided mattress! For those that don’t intend to flip their mattress or don’t want to spend a bit extra to get a flippable mattress, single-sided mattresses are a good fit. And we have plenty to choose from. However, if you prefer to have a mattress that is flippable, so you have a fresh side to use, we give you that option.

Reason # 7:

Verlo-To-Go! With Verlo’s bed in a box, you can easily take a queen or king mattress, load it into your car, and be on your way. Easy peasy! If you live out of town and prefer to have it shipped, we can do that! The best part, you can try it before you buy it! Quick! Convenient! Comfortable!

Reason # 8:

We do all sizes! Most mattress retailers sell twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and california king. It’s rare to find a place that will build a custom mattress. So where do you go if you need a short queen for your RV, a three quarter for your antique bed, a queen or king waterbed replacement or to find a replacement for that weird mattress tucked up in the attic that’s been passed down for years? You go to Verlo!

WAKE UP! Sleep Better.