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Comfortable Mattresses in Sleepy Hollow

For the most comfortable mattresses in Sleepy Hollow, no one can serve you better than the sleep experts at Verlo Mattress® of Sleepy Hollow. Combining high-quality materials with years of expertise, we offer an incredible selection of mattresses to fit your comfort preferences and budget. 

At Verlo Mattress of Sleepy Hollow, we have a team of Comfort Coaches on hand to make sure your new mattress is exactly what you need. We can help you make the most informed decision based on your sleeping style. Habits including your sleeping position can affect what your body needs to rest more easily, and of course, you have your own preferences to think about!

Find the Most Comfortable Mattresses in Sleepy Hollow

We’ve found that guests who sleep on their side or back often gravitate toward the body-conforming support of our medium and softer models, while many stomach-sleepers for more comfortable on a firmer surface. Whatever you’re leaning toward, we’ll help you identify your perfect comfort level with a quick sleep test. 

You’ll start by trying out our firmest comfort setting. Then, we’ll up the softness level gradually until the mattress feels like it was made for you. When you discover the right setting, we can tweak the comfort level of your future mattress to that exact level. We also provide special customization options for couples, so you can have both sides of your mattress tailored to whoever will be sleeping on it.

If anything seems off when you receive your new mattress, we’ll take care of it. We offer all of our customers a free Comfort Adjustment at our store within 180 or 365 days of the sale to make sure their mattresses are as comfortable as can be.

Each mattress is backed by our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee to ensure your long-term comfort. No matter how much your tastes may change, you never have to settle for anything less than the perfect comfort level for the lifetime of your mattress.

Try Our Mattresses at Verlo Mattress of Sleepy Hollow Today

We deliver our comfortable mattresses all across the Sleepy Hollow area, helping customers in Carpentersville, Hanover Park, Elgin, Schaumburg, and DeKalb enjoy an exceptional night’s sleep. 

To learn more about our selection of comfortable mattresses in Sleepy Hollow or to take our in-store sleep test, visit Verlo Mattress of Sleepy Hollow today or give us a call at (847) 836-8800.

Firm Mattresses

Firm Mattresses

Verlo’s firm mattresses tend to be the most comfortable mattresses for stomach sleepers, who don’t require the conforming support of a plush or pillow top mattress.

Shop Firm Mattresses

  • Heavy-Duty Foundations
  • Posturization Technology
  • Uncompromising Support

Medium Mattresses

Medium Mattresses

Verlo’s plush mattresses tend to be the most comfortable mattresses for back sleepers and side sleepers, relieving pressure on joints while conforming to the body’s natural contours for added support.

Shop Medium Mattresses

  • Conforms to body’s natural contours
  • Relieves pressure point stress
  • Ideal lfor back and side sleepers

Soft Mattresses

Soft Mattresses

Verlo’s soft (pillow top) mattresses tend to be the most comfortable mattresses for sleepers who enjoy a “sleeping on a cloud” experience, as well as for side sleepers who experience undue pressure on their shoulders and hips.

Shop Soft Mattresses

  • Luxury Comfort
  • Posture-Friendly Support
  • Pillow-Soft Cushioning

Find Your Most Comfortable Mattress

Verlo makes online mattress shopping easy, offering a full range of comfortable mattresses through our easy-to-use online store. But if you’re looking for the most comfortable mattress possible, we recommend experiencing our mattresses in person at your local Verlo showroom. This way, you can try out mattresses from different vCollections to find the most comfortable mattress for your preferences.

Even better, when you shop for a Verlo mattress in person, we can personalize the comfort level of your mattress to your exact preferences. We’ll start your sleep test at the firmest comfort level, then gradually increase the softness of your mattress until it feels exactly right. We can even customize each side of your mattress so it has different comfort settings, perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences.

To ensure the most comfortable mattress possible, every Verlo mattress comes with one free Comfort Adjustment. This is offered in the first 180 or 365 days after purchase, depending on the mattress model. We also back every mattress with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This way, you can adjust the comfort level of your mattress as your sleeping habits and comfort preferences change.