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Mattress Prices in Lake Geneva

Whatever your preferences or budget, you can find your ideal mattress at Verlo Mattress® of Lake Geneva. We have the highest standards for all our mattresses, from the most basic to the most luxurious models. Just pick your mattress price range and our team in Lake Geneva will help you find exactly what you’re searching for. 

About Our Mattress Prices in Lake Geneva

We have an excellent range of mattresses at Verlo Mattress of Lake Geneva, and an excellent group of Comfort Coaches to show you the best options at any price. 

Our mattress prices at Verlo Mattress of Lake Geneva are divided into three categories:

  • Budget-friendly mattresses – Browse our Intro collection to find the most affordable mattresses — perfect for an occasional use in your guest room, as a starter for your first apartment, or for a child who’s growing up far too fast. Our budget-friendly mattresses, including our v1 and v3 collections, are basic models made to the highest standards.
  • Mid-range mattresses – Inquire about our v5 and v7 collections of mid-range mattresses for a great long-term option. This price range includes enhancements that are especially popular for couples who visit our store. If your partner tends to toss and turn (or you do!), we have wrapped coil models that limit motion transfer, as well as special fibers that help maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Premium and luxury mattresses –  With our luxury v9 and v11 collections, you can select the features you love from our other vCollections, and discover even more ways to tailor your mattress to you. Not sure where to start? Our Comfort Coaches can be your guide. You can also choose from the finest materials including all-natural fabrics and our vLatex collection. 

Find Just the Right Mattress at Verlo Mattress of Lake Geneva

At Verlo Mattress of Lake Geneva, our commitment to your comfort extends long after you buy one of our mattresses. 

Whichever option you pick, at whatever price, you can receive on-demand comfort adjustments at our store for as long as you keep your mattress. That’s our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, and it applies to all of our customers in Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, East Troy, Delavan, Walworth, and Burlington. 

Visit Verlo Mattress of Lake Geneva today for the best mattress prices, or call us at (262) 249-0420 to learn more.

A Guide to Mattress Pricing

Budget-Friendly Mattresses

Image shows Verlo's Intro Firm Mattress In Queen

Budget-Friendly Mattresses

If you’re shopping for a mattress on a budget, Verlo’s intro, v1 and v3 collections are ideal options. Our most affordable mattress prices are found in our intro Collection.

Models with lower mattress prices are ideal for guest rooms, vacation homes, and growing kids. They’re also a popular choice for college students, first-time mattress buyers, and budget-conscious shoppers. Best of all, you’ll still enjoy our LIfetime Comfort Guarantee with our budget-friendly mattresses.

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Mid-Range Mattresses

The v5 and v7 collections include a range of advanced features for increased comfort and support, but have surprisingly affordable mattress prices.

Our v5 Collection includes individually wrapped coil construction, perfect for couples when one partner tosses and turns. With the v7 Collection, we add specialty fibers which are designed to better regulate temperature and CoilMax construction for increased comfort and longevity.

Our v5 and v7 collections represent an incredible value given their features and materials. They are backed by our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, with the ability to adjust the comfort of your mattress for as long as you own it.

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Mid-Range Mattresses

Image shows Verlo's V5 Plush Mattress In Queen

Premium & Luxury Mattresses

Image shows Verlo's V11 Firm Mattress In Queen

Premium & Luxury Mattresses

Our v9 and v11 collections offer the ultimate sleep experience. With a v9 mattress, we combine an improved coil system with premium natural materials. Our v11 is the ultimate expression of quality and service. You’ll enjoy all the features found in our other vCollections, combined with special attention to personalizing your comfort.

Our premium mattresses also include our vLatex model, which is ideal for sleepers who prefer an all-natural mattress. vLatex mattresses use sustainably sourced latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, delivering exceptional comfort and support along with eco-friendliness.

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Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

When you make the best mattresses, you want happy customers for life. That's why we'll do everything we can to keep you sleeping soundly for years to come, even as your wants change. Wish it were a little softer? A little firmer? Our exclusive Comfort Adjustment Service will make it just right. That's the Verlo Lifetime Guarantee.

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