If you’re thinking of starting a mattress business, you’ve probably been doing some research on your own. One reason Verlo Mattress stands out from the competition is our inventory, production, and operations are vertically integrated – meaning we produce all of our products in-house!

Is selling mattresses a good business?

When you open a Verlo franchise, you can rest easy knowing that you’re offering a unique product to which none of your competitors have access. Rather than worrying about the need to establish relationships with multiple vendors and brands, your job as a Verlo factory direct mattress franchise owner is substantially simplified because you’re able to order all of your mattress components in-house.

Best of all, each of our mattresses are tailored to fit the needs of our customers. At other mattress stores, one-size-fits-all mattresses are offered to customers as-is.

At Verlo, our sleep experts help customers select just the right mattress for them, and provide our exclusive Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

Verlo created a mattress shopping experience unlike any other; an elevated customer experience designed to make shopping as comfortable as the mattresses – with the goal of guests feeling a sense of “aah” when in a Verlo store.

Verlo offers a one-of-a-kind Comfort Adjustment service, in which guests are able to have the firmness or softness of their mattress altered for free within a period of time. This gives the consumer peace of mind that they will not be stuck with a mattress that no longer addresses their sleep comfort needs.

By the way, how did you sleep last night?

  • 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.
  • 45% of Americans say poor sleep affected their daily activities
  • Driver sleepiness is a factor in 100,000 car accidents each year.
  • Sleep deprivation cost the US over $100 billion annually in lost productivity, medical expenses, sick leave & property damage.
  • Americans spent $41 billion on sleep aids and remedies. 

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