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Wrap Me Up In A Burrito Until Spring Finally Comes

Kitten "purritos" from Distractify's 30 Precious Animals Wrapped Up Like Burritos. (Picture

Kitten “purritos” from Distractify’s 30 Precious Animals Wrapped Up Like Burritos. (Picture

TWO WEEKS AGO, I looked out my office window to discover that it was snowing – in April. The rest of the country was enjoying warm, springtime weather but in Milwaukee, it was 36 degrees and SNOWING.

It was enough to make me want to wrap up like these “animal burritos” from Megan McCormick’s post on, and sleep until the cold weather is gone for good (perhaps June?). These photos brought a smile to my face and made me feel warm all over, which was probably the best I could hope for.

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