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Wedding Gift Ideas for Sleep Fanatics

june 2 register for sleep themed giftsWedding season is upon us. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift idea for your pal’s upcoming nuptials or you’re planning a registry of your own, it’s hard to go wrong with sleep-themed goods. In addition to being useful, these items are a nod to one of the milestone that weddings mark: the merging of two homes. Even if a couple has been cohabitating for a while before tying the knot, it’s fun to get some brand-new bedding accessories to celebrate making it official.

Specialty Sheets

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so high-quality sheets are an investment in health and comfort. When shopping for luxe bridal bed sheets, don’t be fooled by thread count: despite the myths, thread count isn’t directly correlated with quality or comfort. The type of fiber, weave, and finishing have far more influence on how good a sheet set will feel and how well it will hold up.

wedding gift of sheets.jpgIf you’re buying sheets as a wedding gift or putting them on your registry, don’t forget about cold weather goods: a nice set of flannel bed sheets feels heavenly on chilly autumn nights. You can also go the humorous route with “his and hers” bed sheets that poke some good-natured fun at bed hogs.

And what could feel more special than the extravagance of monogrammed pillow cases and sheets?

Sleep-Themed Gadgets

Shopping for a tech lover? There are tons of fun gadgets promising to help attain a better night’s sleep. Biofeedback devices that track sleep activity can take your sleep game to the next level. From a space-age headband that measures brain activity and then walks you through corresponding meditation practices, to an insert that turns a regular pillow into a “smart pillow,” sleep technology is exploring brave new frontiers in the 21st century.

Gifts on a Shoestring Budget

If you want to stick with a snooze-themed wedding gift but your budget is on the snug side, try making a gift basket. A mix of small items, like Sleepytime tea, a relaxation CD, and sleep masks convey the theme without requiring a lot of cash. Other thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank include pajamas, throw pillows, and aromatherapy candles.

Registering for a Mattress

Mattresses have been appearing on wedding registries lately. While they’re obviously a big-ticket item, the cost could be shared by a group. Best of all, it’s something that’s sure to get years of daily use, unlike a certain candy-colored stand mixer. Even if no one buys the mattress for you, most stores offer a discount on unpurchased registry items after the wedding, and you can put gift cards and gifts of cash toward it as well.

Even with a theme in mind, navigating wedding registry can be confusing: you have to figure out where to register and what to register for, plus there’s usually some Emily Post-level etiquette involved. The wedding experts over at The Knot offer a helpful list of tips for making the most of the registry experience without risking Aunt Millie’s scandalized death glares on your big day.

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