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Our UNMATCHABLE Mismatch Mattress Sale

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It’s time for one of the best mattress sales Verlo holds all year – our Mismatch Mattress Sale.

This mattress sale is so popular that many Verlo fans wait specifically for this time of year to buy a new mattress. These savvy shoppers know good mattress deals when they see them. Funny thing is, our Mismatch Mattress Sale is more about what you don’t see.

Let me explain.

For our Mismatched Mattress Sale, we use overstocked or discontinued fabrics to cover the “guts” of the mattress. Everything on the inside stays the same, but the outside changes a little. It’s similar to wearing mismatched socks, except the mattress fabrics aren’t crazy looking like different socks can be.

We make the actual mattress using the same quality internal components that we always use. But the fabric that goes on the top, sides or foundation doesn’t exactly match. Mind you, they’re still attractive fabrics; they just don’t match completely.

Think about that.

The mattress quality is the same. And you cover the mattress up with sheets and bedding anyway. No one sees it. So really…who cares? It’s still an amazing Verlo mattress – just as comfortable and supportive as ever. The fabrics don’t match…big whoop. Right?

What smart shoppers do care about is that they pay less money. In fact, you can save up to $300, which is awesome.

Take advantage of the Mismatch big whoopin’ savings now through March 31st!

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