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A Comfy and Easy Alternative to Dorm Room Beds

parents helping son pack for college.jpgYour teen is heading off to college this fall, and after all the stress of filling out applications, making sure transcripts arrived where they needed to be when they needed to be there, and the reading of that all-important acceptance letter, you might be tempted to sit back and take a well-earned breather.

But hold up. You’re not done just yet. There’s still the inevitable dorm room relocation to survive. Your new college kid is going to need a lot of stuff, and it all has to fit inside whatever vehicle you’re using for the move.

The Problem

july 21 uncomfortable college mattressWhile you can reasonably expect to pay $10,000 annually to house kids in a college dorm, don’t expect to arrive and find a top-of-the-line dorm bed at the ready. While college dorms typically provide the bare essentials, such as a bed frame, mattress, desk and bookcase, there’s no guarantee of quality. There’s also the possibility that the provided furnishings in your kid’s college dorm have been in place and in use for decades by a whole long line of kids just like your own.

Scary, right?

That’s why it’s necessary to plan ahead when it comes to helping your next CEO-in-the-making get settled in at college. It’s also why furnishings that are packaged with portability in mind are a parent’s best friend come September.

The Solution: Hello Verlo-to-Go

Verlo-to-Go mattressVerlo-to-Go is a gel foam mattress that’s compressed into a box that fits easily into a car so it’s easy to pack and move into the dorms. It offers such luxury perks as cooling gel foam, washable zippered covers, a ten-year warranty and Verlo’s Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. Available in all sizes, Verlo-to-Go also comes in the popular twin XL size that’s perfect for college dorms. Upon opening, the mattress expands within minutes and is ready for sleeping.

The Aftermath

Once your new college kid is all settled in with a comfy mattress, the rest is easy. If it’s your first time outfitting a dorm room, check with your kid’s college for a checklist of items he or she needs to bring. If none is available, offers a comprehensive list for getting your student off to a good start.

Nice extras to have are a small mini-fridge and a microwave. But your college kid will need decor too, as well as bedding, electronics and much, much more. If you’re limited in space on the drive up to campus, consider outfitting your teen with a gift card for the local home store.

The important thing is that your child arrives at college prepared to face a whole new world of challenges and that their mattress isn’t one of them. Visit Verlo today for more information on our Verlo-to-Go series of mattresses.

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