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Win a $6,000 Pillow at Verlo’s Grand Opening Event


VERLO IS CELEBRATING the grand opening of our new store at The Mayfair Collection in Wauwatosa, WI, and we’re hosting one heck of a grand opening event – complete with grand opening giveaways that include a $6,000 down pillow.

And, yes…that $6,000 price tag isn’t a typo.

It’s a super-expensive, super-luxurious pillow that no one but Kim Kardashian is crazy or rich enough to ever buy. But you could win it this Saturday, August 20th during Pillow-Palooza, our grand opening celebration being held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Verlo’s Pillow-Palooza is a free, family-friendly event that is open to the public. Guests can enjoy games, prizes, golf cart rides, refreshments and a special buy-one-get-one-free pillow sale during the event. In addition to the $6,000 genuine Eiderdown pillow, Verlo will be giving away 29 other pillows (more reasonably priced) as raffle prizes for winning games.

You may be wondering, “What’s with all these pillows? You’re a mattress company.”

So glad you asked.


World’s Largest Selection of Pillows

Since pillows play such an important role in getting a good night’s sleep, our commitment to sleep comfort has extended beyond the scope of mattresses to include pillows – and we’ve done it in a big way. Our new Wauwatosa store features something very unique: a giant wall of pillows.

With over 80 different pillows to choose from – at prices ranging from $10 to (yes) $6,000 – you’re sure to find the feel that fits you best. And, during Verlo’s grand opening event, when you purchase one pillow, you get your second pillow of equal or lesser value for FREE.

Stop by! See our dynamic new store. Play games. Lie down on a mattress. Eat treats. Check out our enormous pillow selection. And discover what a $6,000 pillow feels like.

Just don’t drool on it.

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