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Top Holiday Movie Sleep Scenes

couple watching holiday movie in bedThe holidays are here, and that means one thing: You should be heading off to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, right?

If you tend to stay up too late checking your shopping list and wrapping presents to make the season merry for your loved ones, don’t forget that you still need to stay well rested to be your best. To help put you in the right spirit, check out our list of favorite holiday movies that feature — what else? — a great bedtime moment or sleep scene. Add one or more of these classics to your viewing queue, and you’ll enjoy some festive relaxation that reminds you of all the comforts of your bed while you’re at it.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

This holiday classic features not one but two memorable bedroom scenes. The first is when Everyman George Bailey tucks his daughter Zuzu into bed and tells her to dream about her flower — and he stashes the all-important petals into his pocket. The second is more comic, when Mary Bailey pretends to be sleeping before announcing her pregnancy to her beleaguered but happy husband.

2. Home Alone

Before Kevin booby traps his house and fights off the would-be intruders, he’s actually afraid when he discovers he’s been left by himself at Christmas. In one memorable scene, he declares he’s totally fine, only to be spooked by an old man with a shovel out on the sidewalk. He immediately turns and runs inside, hiding — where else? — under the covers of his parents’ bed.

3. Elf

There’s perhaps no purer expression of Christmas joy than in Will Farrell’s performance as Buddy the Elf. True to form, Buddy doesn’t do much sleeping in his bed, instead jumping on it in true kid fashion. Stevie Wonder’s “That’s What Christmas Means to Me” plays during the scene, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face — and maybe have you thinking about taking a hop on your own bed, too. 


4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This television mainstay fills in the adventures of Rudolph before he goes down in history for saving Christmas. Young Rudolph was a runaway, but his nose was putting his friends in danger. He and his friends Hermie and Yukon Cornelius tuck into bed on the Island of Misfit Toys, but Rudolph leaves alone in the middle of the night. His glowing red nose made for an excellent nightlight, though!

5. A Christmas Story

Young Ralphie dreams only of getting his coveted Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas — and he does all that dreaming in the bedroom he shares with his little brother Randy. His bed is the centerpiece of a boy’s bedroom from the 1940s, complete with a varnished headboard and a turquoise blanket. Ralphie kicks back on his bed and dreams of what it would be like to be a gun-slinging hero like his radio show idols. 

It’s no surprise that great holiday movies feature beds so prominently. After all, you need to go to sleep before Santa can come down the chimney and deliver that special gift! This holiday, be sure to snuggle up with a great film to experience the joy of the Christmas season. And when it’s over, maybe you can head off to dreamland with ease in anticipation of wonderful times with friends and family to come.

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