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Tired? Try a Nappuccino

Tired? Try a nappuccino pg 24.jpgEver been so tired that you don’t know what to do? Should you give in and take a nap – or grab a cappuccino and power through the day? The answer is to do both.

Although it may seem counter productive, Sleep Junkies reports that scientists say combining caffeine with a short nap makes for the perfect late afternoon pick-me-up. It’s suggested that you drink a caffeinated beverage right before you nod off. By the time the caffeine kicks in, which takes approximately 20 minutes, it’s time to wake up from your power nap – and the caffeine makes that so much easier. Hmm…good coffee and napping…two of my favorite things!

Curious about which beverages have the most caffeine? Take a look at the Caffeine Content of Food & Drugs so you can pick your nappuccino wisely.

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