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Time For Verlo’s Mismatch Mattress Sale!

mismatch.jpgThis is the time of year where things get a little crazy around Verlo – as in crazy savings during our Mismatch Mattress Sale.

When we are building mattresses for this sale, we use discontinued or overstocked fabrics that don’t match perfectly. But we’re not talking crazy differences – like a turtle with a rabbit head. We use fabrics that are only slightly different. But the feel of the mattress stays exactly the same.

Image two mattresses side by side. One is a Verlo mismatch mattress, and the other is a regular Verlo mattress. Both are incredibly comfortable and supportive. You’d have to look really close to notice what makes the two mattresses different. You may notice that the cover fabric on the mismatch mattress maybe doesn’t completely match the sides or the fabiric used on the foundation. It’s still very attractive, but mismatched.

And that, my friends, is enough of a reason for Verlo to sell you the mattress at a reduced price during our Mismatch Mattress Sale!

To clarify, everything on the inside of the mattress is exactky the same as the regular Verlo mattress, but the outside slightly changes. Put a sheet on the mattress, and you’d never be able to tell the difference.

mismach-FEATURE-IMAGE.jpgIt’s similar to wearing mismatched socks inside your shoes, except the mattress fabrics aren’t as crazy looking as some socks can be.

The Mismatch Mattress Sale is so popular that many Verlo fans wait for this time of year to buy a new mattress. These savvy shoppers know a good mattress deal when they see one. During the Mismatch Mattress Sale, you can save up to $400!

Take advantage of Verlo’s Mismatch Mattress Sale  at participating Verlo stores. To get a jump on finding out which mattress is best for you, take our Sleepography Quiz.

Wake up! Save money when you find your perfect Verlo mismatch mattress today – and sleep better.

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