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The truth behind beauty sleep

Sleeping Beauty

Hey all you beauty mavens, did you know there is a highly-effective anti-aging step you can take that doesn’t cost a thing or come in a jar? It’s as simple as getting your beauty sleep.

Now, there’s scientific proof that not getting enough sleep can make you look older. In the article, “How a bad night’s sleep wrecks your skin,” Rachel Thompson of The Telegraph reports on a study in the UK that measured the skin of 30 women who reduced their sleep by 25% for five days, sleeping for only six hours instead of their usual eight. The wrinkles, brown spots, redness and pores of the women were measured both before and after they decreased their sleep.

The results are ugly.

Researchers for the Bensons for Beds study found that sleep deprivation triggers premature aging and permanent skin discoloration. That’s because during sleep, your skin cells repair and renew themselves. Cut back on your sleep, and you’re denying yourself one of the easiest, cheapest and healthiest ways to look good and feel good.

Check out the Bensons for Beds video to hear what Dr. Guy Meadows, a UK sleep expert, has to say about the study. It makes a pretty convincing argument for making sure you get enough sleep every night.

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