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The Scoop on Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps — Do You Need One in Your Bedroom?

sleeping with a salt rock lampHave you noticed an increase in salt rock lamps in local stores or online? These lamps have large stones of salt sitting on a decorative base and the stones are usually pink or a soft orange. You may also find pieces of salt rock placed in decorative tins or baskets with a lighted base that shines up through the rocks. There are many variations as these lamps become more popular, and there are some good reasons that you may consider bringing one into your bedroom.

Setting the Mood

Salt rock lamps are great mood setters because they don’t emit a lot of light. They have a soft glow that most people find incredibly relaxing. A large lamp can provide enough light to help you find your way around a dark room, or to create a stimulating glow for romantic encounters.

These lamps also have a sophisticated, earthy look that has a welcoming vibe. This is why you may see them glowing from the corner of a prestigious office or a relaxing sitting room. They have the same warm effect when placed in your bedroom.

Health Benefits of Salt Rock Lamps

While there is no scientific evidence that salt rock lamps offer health benefits, that doesn’t mean they don’t. There is definitely a need for more research, but many people still believe that the following health benefits come to those willing to light up their Himalayan salt on a regular basis:

  • Air Purification – When salt is heated and released into the air, it eliminates many pollutants like cigarette smoke, dust, and pollen.
  • Allergy Relief – Remove the allergens from the air that you breathe, and you’re likely to make it through the night with fewer allergy symptoms.
  • Asthma Relief – The elimination of dust in your environment may help ease asthma symptoms so that you breathe easier and sleep better.
  • Reduced Stress – Just looking at the soft glow of a salt lamp can ease your mind and relax your body. It puts you in the state of mind that you need to slip into a deep sleep state.
  • Reduced Electromagnetic Radiation – This is the radiation entering your environment from computers, cellphones, and other electronics. It’s unproven that salt rock lamps can combat that radiation, but this is one of the primary reasons that many people buy Himalayan salt lamps.


Is Your Salt Rock Lamp Authentic?

You can find salt rock lamps in most stores today, but they aren’t all made from quality salts that can offer the benefits discussed here. If you’re interested in more than the unusual look or the occasional mood-setting opportunity, look for genuine Himalayan salt rock lamps. These lamps are made from real pink Himalayan salt mined in Pakistan and then carved by hand. They should be pink or orange.

If you touch the salt rock on an authentic lamp, your hand will have pieces of salt residue that you can feel and see. If you drop or otherwise mishandle these lamps, the salt rock can easily crumble or shatter. A real block of pink Himalayan salt is fragile and needs protection, so a highly durable lamp that retains its shape and appearance despite rough handling is most likely not authentic. It may not have the benefits that you get from a real lamp, but it might still look nice in the bedroom as a mood setter.

While there are clearly some benefits to adding a salt rock lamp to your bedroom, you can’t count on this type of lamp as your primary source of light. You can use it to set the mood for a relaxing evening or perhaps a romantic encounter. You may also find that the pink or orange color goes well with your bedroom décor. Of course, many people add salt rock lamps into the bedroom for the believed health benefits, so don’t limit the use of your lamp to special nights.

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