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Strange Places Dads Let Kids Sleep

june 18 child asleep at tableDads have a different way of taking care of kids compared to moms. Things like meal times and baths and bed routines simply don’t happen in the same way when Dad is in charge. No one’s judging here, it’s only a matter of personal, parenting preference. And at the end of the day, the balance between mom and dad duties balance out, so that kids are in good care. In honor of Father’s Day we want to point out some of the strange places dads let their kids sleep

Fall Asleep Where They…Fall

The most obvious place that kids get their zzz’s when Dad is in charge is wherever they fall. Smelly basketball shoes, in the toy box, in the side compartment of Dad’s motorcycle—these are just a few of the craziest places kids crash when in the company of good old Dad. 

At the Dinner Table…

child asleep in highchair.jpg…or in the cereal bowl with a face-plant, or on top of the plate of spaghetti. Kids who have played hard and are exhausted end up sleeping where they are eating. Hey we aren’t judging here, and we all know how tired you can get from carb loading on Spaghetti-Os or Cheerios. When Dad’s in charge the kids have to get their zzz’s whenever and wherever they can, even if it involves using a hot dog bun for a pillow. Just as long as no one drowns in the milk, it is all good. 

Entertained and Drained

Next up, we have all of the fun places dads take kids, such as fishing, to basketball games, to band practice, and on bicycle rides. If you are going with Dad, then you had better keep up the pace. Not able to find a soft mattress and freshly fluffed pillow? Not Dad’s problem, and on his watch you had better make do with where you are at. Sleeping in canoes, using a baseball glove for a pillow, and dozing while biking are just some of the weird places to sleep when you have been entertained and drained by Dad.

Face Plants and Back Pillows

father and baby nappingAnd the most precious place for kids to sleep when in the company of Dad is on the fella himself. That’s right, from babies sprawled out on Dad’s chest to kids curled up and napping right alongside their daddy dearest, no blanket is necessary. Turning a dad’s back into a makeshift bed is the ultimate treat, particularly if your pops is sitting still. Either way the snoozing kid gets a free ride while sleeping in one of many strange places on their dad. The best part about close sleeping quarters, which moms everywhere call co-sleeping, is the connection made between the child and the father. Kids get to bond with their dad while enjoying a cuddle and comfort, while Dad gets the gold medal of quality silence.

It is such a good feeling when you get to watch your kids sleep, and some would say that is the time when they are on their best behavior. So if you are a dad, try to sneak in a nap or two this Father’s Day with your little one, or bigger kids for that matter. No child is ever too old for a nap, either, so throw some blankets in the floor, make your kids a pallet, and join the nap time fun.


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