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Starting the New Year with Something to Dream On

Thank you note at work station.jpgMost of us start out the New Year by making resolutions to accomplish different goals and tasks. Following through on those resolutions can be difficult – especially if you aren’t sleeping well because you don’t have a mattress.

Here is a heart-warming, true story of how one Verlo family helped another family to have a better 2018:

Dorothy F. and her husband, Ken, adopted a needy family over the holidays. When they went to deliver their gifts to the single mother and her two children, they discovered the family had no beds and were sleeping on the floor.

Dorothy and Ken, who were Verlo mattress customers, decided to reach out to Verlo to explore ways to help this family in need. Together, we were able to provide mattress sets for this family. Below is a portion of the letter Dorothy wrote to Verlo after the mattresses had been delivered:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Verlo for assisting us in helping a needy and well-deserving family enjoy a very special Christmas. We were overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for all your time and help in obtaining the much-needed mattresses for this family. It was easy to tell that Verlo had a sincere interest in trying to help someone less fortunate.

Additionally, a special thanks to Steve L. [Verlo employee] for all his help in making this happen…it seems obvious that Verlo is an extraordinary company, and must be a wonderful place to work.

Dorothy F.

Well, Dorothy, is certainly is a wonderful place to work when we have customers like you, and we have the opportunity to help a family sleep better.

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