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Smart glasses sense when you’re tired

smart glassesThe Jins Meme website shows their new smart glasses that use bio-sensing technology to let you know when you need a nap.

In case you didn’t know it, you’re tired.

You may have thought yourself capable of determining this, but apparently you’re not. Instead, new smart glasses and a smartphone app can clue you in on when you’re sleepy. At least, that’s what the Japanese eyewear manufacturer, Jins Meme, wants you to think.

JIns has developed new hi-tech glasses that use bio-sensing technology to provide feedback on your level of tiredness. Joe Stohlman of WCNC, the NBC news affiliate in Charlotte, NC, reviewed these advanced glasses, which use sensors and EOG electrodes to detect things like blinking and eye movement to monitor your level of fatigue.

We’re not quite sure there is a need for these smart glasses, but we can see how they may come in handy if you are driving for long periods of time. And if they help people stay safe, we’re all for them. Although, we’re more for people getting enough sleep so they’re not tired in the first place.

(Personally, I’d find it more helpful if they designed a pair of smart glasses that told me when my eyes were bigger than my stomach, or if I was eating out of boredom instead of hunger. Maybe next year.)

Take a quick look at the video on Jins’ website, and tell us what you think.

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