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Sleepwear That Keeps You Cool

july 8 cool pjsWhen your house is hot at night, enjoying a good night’s sleep isn’t easy. Hot weather can completely wreck your slumber no matter how good your sleeping schedule is. When the weather heats up, having fans and air conditioning around your home and bedroom is a great idea. Additionally, a crucial element of being well rested is your sleepwear. Something that many of us often overlook.

The secret to staying cool in your pajamas lies in the fabric you wear. Here, we take a look at some of the best stay-cool sleepwear materials.

Fixate on the Fabric

mom and kid in cool pajamas.jpgThe first aspect of feeling comfortable and cool at night is to find sleepwear that feels good against your skin. You’ll never manage to get the rest you need if you feel uncomfortable to begin with. So, rather than spending each night tossing and turning because you’re too warm, you need to focus on what you’re wearing in order to regulate your body temperature.

Below are some fabrics to consider to keep you cool while you sleep:

    • Moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking sleepwear is a good choice if you get too hot while you sleep, or if you are prone to night sweats. Water is drawn away from your skin when you wear moisture-wicking clothing, which helps to speed up the cooling evaporation process. Your body can then regulate its own temperature.
    • Cotton. Cotton has long been a favorite fabric for nightwear. And, it’s no wonder as cotton is a lightweight, breathable and natural fiber. It allows air to circulate, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and doesn’t irritate your skin. Just one thing to note is that if you experience night sweats, cotton may not be your best choice, as it’s inefficient at wicking away moisture.
    • Bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent moisture-wicking fabric. It feels soft to the touch and silky against your skin. Furthermore, it may have anti-bacterial properties as well as being hypoallergenic. It’s also 100 percent biodegradable and very eco-friendly.
    • Silk. Silk is great for keeping you cool when you’re hot as well as hot when you’re cold. Good Housekeeping reports that silks absorbs moisture, so it can be a good choice for those who experience hot flashes or night sweats.  One drawback of real silk is that it needs to be dry-cleaned and can be quite expensive.  
    • Linen. Linen is a durable and light fabric woven from flax fibers. Although it’s fairly expensive, it’s worth the few extra dollars.
    • Rayon. Although it’s a synthetic fabric, rayon is made from recycled wood pulp. Because of this, it’s very cooling. In addition, it’s very affordable.

Of course, it’s wise to steer away from wearing flannel PJs, if your goal is to stay cool during sleep.

Consider The Details

Take the fit of your pajamas into account as well as considering the cooling qualities of your sleepwear fabric. Loose garments won’t feel binding or tight and they’ll move easily over your body. Steer clear of clothing with tags, buttons and snaps if your skin is sensitive.

Now that you know about the fabrics that help keep you cool at night, you can get to the exciting part and choose some pajamas that will suit you. It’s imperative to ensure you feel comfortable and cool at night. What suits one person may not always suit the next. Finding the right pajamas involves some trial and error. So, whether you choose to buy moisture wicking shirts, cool pajamas made from cotton or other cooling sleepwear, you’re sure to find the right clothing for you.

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