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Sleeping on Cruises

family of 3 on a cruiseAs one of your goals for this year, you may want to take a cruise vacation. However, your personal sleeping issues are holding you back. The last thing you want is to be a seasick zombie unable to get your bearings or your zzz’s when on a cruise ship.

Fortunately, you aren’t the first person with this concern. Plenty of consideration has been made to help people who suffer from dizziness, seasickness, or other disorders that can adversely affect sleep quality.

We’ve compiled some of the top tips for helping you when sleeping on cruises so you can plan your dream vacation without worries.

Seasickness and Sleep

If you are apt to get seasick during the day, this can make it impossible to sleep at night. In addition to being queasy due to the motion of the ship, your stomach churns and your head aches, thus preventing you from nodding off. It can be a terrifying prospect, but there are ways to prevent this.

drawing of sleeping on a cruise shipStart with taking motion sickness tablets. These tablets work by relaxing your inner ear, as noted by WebMD. The inner ear tells the brain that you are moving on a ship, but your eyes are unable to see this happening. This confusion in your mind is what causes motion sickness.

Travel + Leisure suggests including relaxing activities during your cruise vacation. On-deck spas, yoga, and meditation classes are just some of these types of activities. Indulge yourself as you help your body and mind relax, which can aid in reducing seasickness. As such, you are able to get a better night’s sleep without the issues of motion sickness.

Best Types of Cruise Rooms for Sleep

cruise cabin with window.jpgYou also want to be proactive in choosing the right type of cruise room for sleeping on the ship. USA Today explores all of the different aspects you want to consider, such as noise levels, lighting, and the amount of space in a room. For someone with motion sickness issues who wants to get a good night’s sleep, here are some key aspects to look for:

    • Choose a bedroom that has a deck. This allows you to step outside for fresh air while allowing you to view the horizon when you lie down so you are less likely to get sick.
    • Avoid rooms with portholes. These tiny windows aren’t actually windows because they do not open, leaving you longing for that ocean breeze.
    • Opt for a mid-ship room that puts you near the center of the ship, which provides you with the most stability. Rooms near the center are on the proverbial axis, whereas rooms on the two ends are going to experience more motion as the ship rocks back and forth.
    • Get a cabin suite that includes a bathtub or whirlpool so you can stretch out and relax. This can aid in helping your body prepare for sleep and increase your comfort if you are feeling seasick.
Making the Most of Cruise Sleep

Getting to go on a cruise is a trip of a lifetime. Make the most of it by planning ahead if you know you may have seasickness or issues sleeping in the cabin rooms. This way you can truly enjoy your dream vacation without worrying about these necessities. A final tip is to choose a cruise package that allows you to get off the boat as often as possible. By reacquainting your sea legs with solid ground on land expeditions, you have a bit of respite from the motion of the ship.

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