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Sleeping At Music Festivals

june 24 sleeping at music festivalsBonnaro…Coachella…the Isle of Wight…Lollapalooza…Burning Man…music festivals abound this summer. As you pick and choose the fest to follow, you should also start prepping for the overnight extravaganza. At music festivals with onsite camping, you can spend all night long listening to music, and looking at the stars. To ensure you have the best sleeping experience at music festivals this year, check out our sleep tips.

Sleeping Bag Setup 

Choose the type of bedding you want to lug out to your campsite. Are you a sleeper who would prefer camping beds that get you off the ground? If you go with the sleeping bag, you need to do your research about the weather…at night. That’s right, in addition to seeing what the day’s weather will bring, you also need to consider how the night time will treat you. Do you need a thermal sleeping bag, or will a lightweight model keep you from sweating to death?

Keep in mind that even at the sunniest of summer music fests, at certain locations, particularly in the West, those temps will drop drastically. Choose a sleeping bag to match the climate.

To make your sleeping bag more back-friendly, consider a tent pad. Lightweight padding can add a layer of comfort to a rocky ground. Also opt to bring a tent warmer to help make your home away from home more cozy. 

Camping Beds  

camping bed with sleeping bag.jpgCamping beds and cots other options for more diehard sleepers, or anyone not willing to get bit by creepy crawlers or slithering creatures. If you want to get the best rest possible in a tent, opt for a camping bed. You can find aluminum-framed beds that are light as a feather and foldable for easy transport. Choose from a roll-up mattress top made for a cot, or use your sleeping bag for a makeshift mattress. A tip here is to choose a bed that will actually fit within your tent. Do a test-run before you leave home to ensure you won’t be sleeping under the stars – literally. 

Sleeping Tips for Fest Fans

guitar outside.jpgNow that you have the bedding down pat, it’s time to figure out how you are going to sleep through all the sound. That’s right, most music festival campsites are close to the action, and most fests keep playing until dawn. How on earth will you be able to relax and get some much-needed rest? 

  • Start by dropping some lavender essential oil onto your pillow. This stuff is powerful and all-natural for helping you ease off into la-la land much faster. As reported by WSJ, lavender essential oil slows down your heart rate and blood pressure to help you relax. Don’t like lavender? Try orange, cedarwood, or Roman chamomile essential oils. 
  • Bring an eye mask and ear plugs that you’ve tested at home. After all, you would hate to get to a music fest with your ear plugs or mask in tow only to discover they don’t block out sound or light. 
  • Don’t drink anything for a couple of hours before you go to sleep, and go to the bathroom and do your bladder business before you lay down.

If you follow these tips for sleeping at music festivals you’ll find yourself far more refreshed in the a.m. We want to know what you do to prepare for sleeping at fests? Any tried and true tips you can offer up to your fellow fest fans?

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