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Sleepboxes – The New Vending Machine for Sleep

oct 12 woman in a SleepboxUntil now, if your flight got delayed and you were in desparate need of sleep, your options were pretty limited: fall asleep sitting in an uncomfortable chair or curl up on the dirty floor of the airport. But with the advent of Sleepbox, you have another choice for catching zzzs. 

What is a Sleepbox?

Being billed as a sleep vending machineSleepbox is a modular type of sleep cubicle that is popping up in public spaces and businesses – anywhere there is 45 square feet of space. In a nutshell, it’s a compartment that looks like a horizontal locker or oversized cube that’s big enough for you to walk into. It comes in three sizes including compact, single and double.

But is it safe and something you would consider using? Check out these facts about Sleepbox as a revolutionary way to get the rest you need, and learn if you’ll be encountering Sleepbox systems in your part of the world. 

Inside a Sleepbox

Even in the smallest size model, you get a wealth of features packed into a minimalist space. In addition to a twin size mattress and bed frame, you get a fold-down work table and a tiny overhead lamp on a bendy wire. Plus there are electrical sockets for charging your devices or using a laptop to watch relaxing shows or do last minute emails.

There’s also some overhead lighting along with a fan, wireless stereo, wall mirror, and clothing hooks—pretty much everything you would need to be able to zone out for a bit. The cubicles themselves are equipped with tinted windows, carpeting, and a locking door.

It should be noted Sleepbox is designed only for indoor use, so this won’t work as a standalone tiny house. For the single and double Sleepbox designs, you get a little bit more space. These have space under the bed for storage, as well as short drawers for storing clothing. The double Sleepbox is taller than the other models, thanks to a twin bunk beds accessible via a built-in ladder.

Where to Find Sleepbox

man asleep in airport.jpgThe Sleepbox is fast becoming a popular asset for certain types of businesses. Airports from Atlanta to Moscow are using the Sleepbox as a rentable sleeping arrangement for passengers with layovers. Interestingly, the sleep system is also finding a market in hotels. The trendy BO Hotel in Stockholm and the mod Sleepbox Hotel in Gorky Park in Moscow are two examples of where this futuristic sleep setup is taking hold. Even offices, such as the Masschallenge office in Boston, are using the Sleepbox system to help office workers de-stress and unwind with mid-day nap times.

Considerations for Sleepbox

Will Sleepbox be a part of homes in suburbs or high-rise apartments? Maybe. If you live in a loft space or a studio with ample space, you may include a Sleepbox as a way to close off a sleeping quarter. However, for the most part, Sleepbox is best suited for the commercial space. It follows along the same lines as a cubicle space used for work, only this time the cubical is used for napping and the occasional snore.

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