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Sleep Caps for the Modern Woman

woman wearing a sleep bonnet.jpgThe use of a sleeping cap, nightcap, or sleep bonnet goes back to the 14th century and likely even earlier. They were originally worn by men and women to protect against cold nighttime temperatures. Men may have also worn them to cover their bald heads in the name of dignity. Those same men commonly wore wigs during daylight hours.

You could often tell what class a woman belonged to by looking at her cap. Women with more wealth typically wore bonnets made from silk or velvet, and they were often embroidered. The goal was typically to stay warm for the lower classes, but fashion was more of a factor for the higher classes. Today, sleeping caps aren’t commonly worn by men, and many women choose to wear a sleeping cap for hair health rather than warmth or fashion.

Modern Reasons to Wear a Nightcap

While a sleep bonnet may not put your bedmate in a romantic mood, it could improve your quality of sleep or help keep your hair silky and tangle-free. A sleeping cap for curly hair is often used to preserve hair volume and keep those curls from twisting into a tangle that is difficult to get out come morning. A sleep cap for long hair can prevent those long tresses from getting trapped under your arms or under a pillow as you move during the night. Long hair is also less tangled when contained in a neat bun or ponytail under the cap.

elaborate braided hair style.jpgSleeping caps for braids and weaves are essential for maintaining your hairstyle regardless of your sleeping habits. The nightcap will hold the braids or weave in place and prevent strands from working loose as your head rubs against your pillow.

Some women simply enjoy the feel of a silky nightcap wrapped around their hair. Others find that it prevents the frizzies and fly-away hairs when the weather is less than ideal. Depending on your climate and the texture of your hair, you may or may not find that wearing something over your hair is beneficial.

Types of Sleep Caps

If you want to wear a sleeping cap for hair health, satin or silk caps are the most popular options. This material helps maintain moisture so that your hair is better hydrated, and it’s believed to prevent some of the split ends that seem to develop so quickly for some women. Silk and satin are also believed to help curls maintain their shape and volume much better than polyester, cotton, or other materials.

cancer patient.jpgThe American Cancer Society often recommends bamboo sleep caps for chemotherapy patients, and these caps may work well for anyone experiencing hair loss. Like silk and satin nightcaps, bamboo sleep caps are seamless and comfortable against the scalp, forehead and neck. The material is naturally antibacterial in nature and wicks way moisture to prevent clammy, irritated skin.

Colors & Designs Galore

woman wearing yellow hat.jpgYou no longer have to rank amongst the upper classes to enjoy a silky nightcap that is embroidered or perhaps in your favorite color. When you start researching the market, you may be surprised at how many options you have today. This is one of the most affordable ways to take your nightwear to the next level.

We may no longer need nightcaps to keep us warm at night, but they sure do come in handy from a beauty perspective. Perhaps you want to keep your long locks free of dead ends so that you can spend less time at the beauty parlor. Maybe you simply feel sophisticated slipping on a pretty bonnet before tucking between the sheets. Whatever your reason for keeping the nightcap tradition alive, there are a variety of affordable and attractive caps for you to choose from online.

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