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Should Your Pet Have Its Own Bed?

oct 26 pet bed next to master's bedIs your bed the pet bed in your house? There’s a lot of debate about whether pet beds are necessary or not. Let’s discuss some of the factors to keep in mind as you consider a bed for your beloved four-legged friend.

Are Pet Beds Necessary?

You will hear arguments on every side of this. Some would say that everyone needs a space of his or her own, and having a bed for your dog or cat gives your precious pet a space that belongs to him or her alone.

puppies alseep in pet bed.jpgIn fact, if you have a multi-pet family, you may find you need to invest in multiple pet beds to ensure that all pets are covered – even if they tend to pile up on one pet bed together. The bed represents a personal space where your pet can relax while feeling safe and protected.

Aside from the personal space a pet bed provides for each pet, you’re also ensuring that you have your own personal space in your home, too. If Fido has a bed of his own, he’s less likely to want to take over your bed whenever mom and dad are out of the house — or in the bed.

Pet Bed Benefits

In addition to the personal space issue, there are a few distinct benefits to having a pet bed. One of the most important for families with pets that are big shedders is that it helps to control how much pet hair spreads around the house by keeping much of it isolated to your pet’s bed.

Additionally, beds help to support and cushion the joints and bones of your pets, and they provide insulation from the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Pet beds also keep your pets out of your bed when they know they have a bed to go to – and it is much easier to wash a pet bed than your mattress when pets have accidents, get sick, or cough up hairballs in the middle of the night.

What Kinds of Pets Need Beds?

kitten sleeping in pet bed.jpgYou might be surprised to discover that dogs and cats enjoy having pet beds of their own – especially if you find beds that are sized just right to meet their needs. For dogs, especially large breed dogs, it’s important to choose a bed that allows them room to spread out comfortably while providing adequate support to prevent your pet from developing joint problems as he grows.

How Often Should Pet Beds be Cleaned?

While this will vary from household to household and individual preference (not to mention how much of a shedder your pet happens to be), Consumer Affairs suggests cleaning your pet beds at least once a week to eliminate bacteria that can grow there, to control the pet hair in your home more effectively, and to reduce odors in the pet bedding.

What Materials are Pet Beds Made Of?

Pet beds are made of a variety of material, including some that are made with stuffing and others, often elevated, that are not stuffed at all. There is a great deal to love about elevated pet beds, including ease of cleaning, less stuffing messes all over your living room, and the joint saving it represents for pets. Ultimately, you will have to make the choice that’s right for your household and your pet.

Unless you want to turn your bed into your pet’s bed – and risk having your sleep disturbed, as well as the potential mess it represents, it’s a good idea to consider pet beds for your pets. Start when the pets are young and train them to enjoy their time in their special spaces. In the end, you’ll have a happy, well-adjusted pet bed loving cat or dog on your hands and more private space in your bed at night.

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