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Safety Tips for Kids Sleeping in Costumes

oct 20 child sleeping in costumeIt’s the season for ghouls and ghosts, and chances are there is one sleeping in your kid’s bedroom. Of course, we are talking about your little one all dressed up in their favorite Halloween costume.

Since you spend a pretty penny on their annual getups, and the kids do love wearing them, it only makes sense that you would let your kid wear their costume more often. So why not let them sleep in it? If you are letting your kid snooze while dressed as Spiderman, Snoopy or Cinderella, start with these safety tips for sleeping in costumes.

Halloween Face and Eye Masks

While you aren’t going to let your kid sleep in full-on face paint, they may want to sleep with other facial accessories. But is this safe? As for face masks, these should be avoided if they cover the entire face. However, for an eye mask, such as the Zorro or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eye bandana, these can work just like regular sleeping eye masks. Just make sure there aren’t any long tails or strings on the ends of the tiebacks that could be wrapped around the child’s neck to create a choking hazard.

kids in halloween costumes.jpgNext up, consider the material of the costume. Is it made from rough gauze or mesh? What about vinyl or tight nylon? These are all materials to steer clear of when choosing a costume for sleeping. The best options are costumes made from cotton or polyester blends. Another tip is to check the label of the costume. If the costume is not fireproof or is considered a safety hazard, it will clearly note that your child should not wear the costume to sleep in. Did you buy your costume second-hand or get it as a hand-me-down? Be cautious. If it doesn’t have a label, then to be on the safe side avoid letting your child sleep in it.

Alternatives and Alterations for Halloween Sleepwear

If the costume your child has chosen for trick-or-treating isn’t suitable for sleeping, all is not lost. Instead, come up with an alternative or make an alteration. For example, if your child is going to be Batman for Halloween, they will want to avoid wearing the masked crusader’s full-on body suit. However, you can easily find a pair of Batman pajamas or a Batman tee shirt for the child to wear. Just tell them it’s what Batman himself would sleep in, and you’ll do just fine. 

If your child is going to be a ballerina or princess, you have a lot of itchy tulle to deal with. Skip the tutu or the ball gown skirt and go with parts and parcels of the costume. The kid could wear the leotard or leggings that are part of the costume. In this instance, you may want to bling it up a bit by choosing an old top that you can embellish with some hot glue and rhinestones. Get your child in on the crafting action and add some sparkle to the shirt to complete the bedtime ensemble. Watch out, though, as they’ll want to wear their handmade sparkle tee in place of the high-priced Halloween princess gown or tutu you’ve purchased. 

Finding a Perfect Fit

By planning ahead for that time when a child is in meltdown mode over wanting to sleep in their Halloween costume, you’ll have the perfect fit to prevent WW3 from occurring in your household. Best of all, these safety tips will keep your kid looking costume-cool and safe for sleepytime.

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