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Romantic Getaways for Every Budget

FEB 21 featured image.jpgLATE WINTER AND early spring are the perfect time for romantic getaways of all sorts. The weather in many vacation destinations is perfect this time of year – not too hot, hurricane season is over and most places see less precipitation.

Even better, because it’s off-season, prices for things like travel, lodging and attraction tickets are almost always lower and crowd levels are minimal compared with peak vacation season in the summer. Take a few vacation days, pack your bags, and treat yourself to a romantic escape with your partner.

When Money Is No Object

If the sky is the limit when it comes to your budget, then take advantage – and take to the skies. The travel experts at Fodor’s, the Travel Channel and Conde Nast Traveler ranked the world’s most romantic destinations.

While each list turned up some unique choices, like Quebec City, Quebec and Wellington, New Zealand, there were several locales that got mentioned on more than one list. Maui, Hawaii; Maldives; Bali, Indonesia; and Kyoto, Japan were all popular choices, but one city made all three lists: Paris.

The City of Light is unofficially the City of Love, appropriately claiming two spots on the list of the world’s top 10 places to propose. The iconic “Love Lock Bridge,” Pont des Arts, became so weighed down with metal locks meant to represent the love of hundreds of thousands of couples that it became a structural concern and the city had to remove the locks and end the practice.

Although nearly every part of the world boasts a particularly romantic region, balmy destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific are among the most popular. Jamaica’s Ocho Rios, St. Lucia, Fiji and the Greek Isles are hot destinations for love amidst palm trees and tropical drinks. Cooler climes get some action as well, like Vienna, Austria and St. Moritz in Switzerland.

On a Moderate Budget

wine tasting in napa valley.jpgIf you have to keep an eye on your wallet, never fear – international travel might be out of the equation, but there are plenty of inspirational escapes stateside. The continental US is dotted with amorous destinations ranked by publications like Travel and Leisure and People.

In New England, popular spots for strolling hand in hand through idyllic small towns include Newport, Rhode Island, Maine’s Berkshires and Barnard, Vermont. California’s Napa Valley region and the city of Carmel represent West Coast love. The historic charm and moss-draped trees of Southern cities like Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina just may inspire your own Rhett and Scarlet love story. In Florida, fall in love all over again while exploring the Spanish history behind St. Augustine or relaxing on white sand beaches in the Keys.

On a Shoestring Budget

Even if you’re pinching pennies, you can still enjoy a weekend getaway with the object of your affection. Think local: pick a city within a day’s drive and get lost together. A couple nights in an inexpensive hotel or a quaint bed and breakfast are always fun with the right person. If you have practically no money but you both enjoy the outdoors, camping is a cheap way to visit a new place. Mark some national parks off your bucket list or use this handy campsite finder and get a completely different perspective on a city you thought you knew.

Regardless of whether your budget is large, small or nonexistent, the ingredients for a romantic getaway are the same. You just need some imagination, a sense of adventure and spontaneity, and of course, the person you love most.

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