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Pillow Talk with…Gilbert Brown

gilbert brown-1.jpgWhat do you do when you’re not sleeping?

Retired NFL football player, former “Super Big Game” champion. Now a busy businessman.


How many hours of sleep do you typically get?

On a good night, five hours. I’m always up…can’t sleep…watching TV or looking over something.


What is your normal sleeping position?

It kind of depends. Both my shoulders are messed up. I usually lie on one side, and when that one starts to hurt and annoy me, then I turn on the other side. I rarely sleep on my stomach. It’s normally from shoulder to shoulder, then to my back.


What’s on your nightstand?

If it’s not an eaten piece of chicken, it’s probably something to drink and a piece of hard candy – something to keep my throat from being dry.


What do you love about your bedroom?

That it’s big and spacious. The TV is in the right position – every man should have a good TV in his bedroom. And I try to keep it cool because I hate to sleep hot. Cool is better for me.

How has your sleep changed from when you played football?

It’s touch-and-go. I think I slept better when I was playing than I am now. Because every year, the pain and headaches increase.


What’s is your favorite mobile game?

Dominoes! I’m a “Dominologist.”


How many hours of sleep did you get before the “Super Big Game” in 2011?

MAR 24 featured image.jpgZero. I was petrified. Any guy who tells you that he wasn’t nervous when playing the game is lying. It’s not that you’re scared, it just the fact that you’re being counted on to do a job just like the other guys are, and you don’t want to disappoint because you don’t want to be that guy that lost the game. It’s not that you’re scared of the guy you’re going against, it’s that you’re nervous of all the things that can go wrong.

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