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Verlo Talks Pillows On The Morning Blend Show

VERLO MATTRESS made an appearance today on The Morning Blend show at TMJ4 – and so did about 30 pillows!

Customer experience manager Kristin Shirley and CEO Chris Nolte joined hosts Tiffany Ogle and Denise Kaderabek to discuss the important role pillows play in getting a good night’s sleep – a timely topic given that today marked the first day back to school for many area children.

While Tiffany and Denise cuddled, squeezed and hugged pillows (who could blame them?), Kristin and Chris were on hand to offer helpful information about pillows.

Pillows account for 30% of sleep quality

If you’re not sleeping well, getting a new pillow is the first step you should take to improve your sleep. It’s the quickest and cheapest thing you can try. And there’s a 30% chance that’s all it will take!

Signs you need a new pillow

Are you folding or stacking your pillow to make it more comfortable? Do you try stealing your spouse’s pillow at night? Are you sleeping better when you’re in a hotel room than at home? It may be as simple as needing a new pillow.

Finding your perfect pillow

Verlo has 80 different pillows to choose from at its Wauwatosa store at the Mayfair Collection, but the only pillow that’s perfect is the one that’s right for you. Verlo has a 10-minute process to help narrow down your choices. The selection process is based on your body type, sleep position and preferences.

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