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Eliminate Mattress Arguments Without Compromising

kozzi-couple-having-argument-1674-x-1254Do you and your partner battle over the thermostat? Argue whether to watch a romantic comedy or an action movie? Struggle with the decision to get sausage or pepperoni?

If you’re like most couples, you’ve learned that compromise is the name of the game for a happy relationship. (That is, if you want to stay a couple.) Sometimes you get your way, other times you have to grin and bear it. But, what happens when you can’t agree on something important, such as a product that affects your productivity, health and mood on a daily basis? I’m talking about your mattress. Shouldn’t you be able to get your way, and sleep on the mattress that’s best for you? Is there a way to eliminate mattress arguments?

A couple days ago, I was in our Verlo store in Greenfield, WI, and had the pleasure of talking with a couple that had come to our store for a promotional event. The wife shared that they really needed a new mattress, but they couldn’t agree on one. They were at an impasse.

“Let me guess,” I replied, “you like a softer mattress and he wants one that’s firm.”

The woman’s eyes popped as she exclaimed, “Yes! How did you know? I like a really squishy mattress and he wants one that’s way too hard for me. Since we can’t agree, we just keep sleeping on our old, crappy mattress.”

Imagine her surprise when I told her that they could each get what they wanted – in the same mattress. I explained that all Verlo mattresses are adjustable. Since we build our mattresses, we can easily adjust them to each sleeper’s preference. Verlo can make one half of the mattress firm, and the other half soft. In fact, we can even use different types of materials, such as natural latex foam on one side, and gel memory foam on the other. So there’s absolutely no need for couples to compromise – each partner can get exactly what they want.

There are plenty of times when you need give in and graciously compromise with your partner. But it’s good to know that when it comes to your mattress, you can be wonderfully and comfortably self-centered.

My advice to bickering couples? I’d adhere to author Richard Carlson’s quote – with a slight twist: “Don’t sweat the small stuff – or the queen-sized stuff.”

With Verlo’s adjustable mattresses, you don’t have to.

Have you and your partner ever argued about buying a new mattress? Who won? Could it have been avoided if you knew about Verlo’s adjustable mattresses? Share your story.

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