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Napping Words to Live By

Napping Words to Live By pg 28.jpgAs a mattress company, we hold sleeping and napping in high regard. So we got a kick out of a post that The Huffington Post ran today in honor of their ninth anniversary.

(For those who missed our recent post, Workplace Napping – A Perk With A Purpose, The Huffington Post is one of the few companies that encourages napping at work as a way for employees to recharge and be more productive.)

Written by Sarah Klein and entitled “9 Reasons to Take a Nap Today,” (as if you need more than one!) the post offers cute napping quotes, such as this one from author Rick Riordan: “With great power comes great need to take a nap.”

Not included is one of my favorites from author Jojo Jensen: “Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year olds.”

How true.

If you’re a nap lover, take look at their post. It’s short, so you won’t have to worry about nodding off while reading it.

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