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Napping Here, There and Everywhere

FEB 7 featured image.jpgTHERE IS NOTHING like a good night’s sleep. And if you didn’t get one last night, you might need a power nap to help you get through the day. The trouble is that you do not always have the ability to sleep on a nice mattress during your lunch hour. Where else can you sleep? Here are a few ideas on spots for sneaking in a nap.

Standard Napping Spots

Taking an afternoon nap is a common practice all over the world. In Italy and Spain, it is entirely typical to see a business close up shop for a few hours in the afternoon so employees can head home for a few hours to grab lunch and a good rest during the day. However, if heading home is not realistic for you, you can always go for the standbys:

    • desk napping
    • car napping
    • sleeping outside

If you choose to nap at your desk, take care to ensure that you do not wake up feeling worse than you did when you started to rest. Use a pillow or another device that takes some of the pressure off your spine. Select a chair that is comfortable and unlikely to slide out from under you.

napping outside.jpgGrabbing a quick snooze in your car might be a better choice. Park your car in a place where people are not going to walk up and stare at you. Turn off the car for safety. Open a window slightly to add ventilation. Recline the seat to a comfortable position, and add a light blanket as needed.

Crazier Napping Locations

The trick to a solid power-napping situation is a nice, dry spot. Emphasis on “dry,” in case you are thinking of nodding off while in the bathtub. Everything else is up for grabs:

    • Fit a cabinet in your garage with a camp chair, pillow and blanket
    • Kick back in your theater seat while trying to get through the movie “Moana” with your kids for the third time and grab some well-deserved shut-eye
    • Hide out in the guest bedroom while the kids are entertained with a friend
    • Even sleep at the beach, so long as you remember the sunscreen

If all else fails, sleep like a Scandinavian toddler. Families in Nordic countries have a fond tradition of leaving babies and young children outside to nap in cold weather well below freezing. Parents believe that getting rest in the cold air helps to promote better sleep and improved overall health. Just make sure that you add enough layers, and extra blankets if necessary.

Effective Power Naps at Home

Sometimes, you just need to grab a power nap at home, but your bed is the least likely location for uninterrupted sleeping. When you have babies and young children, you may need rest during the day to make up for missing sleep at night. Make sure the children are in a safe place where they cannot leave, and that is free of ways to hurt themselves. Set them up with methods of entertainment, and snacks or drinks for those old enough to feed themselves.

If you can nap in your bed without a lot of interruption, you can safely do so. If not, consider hiding out in your closet for 20 minutes. For a better wake-up, add in a quick gulp of coffee before your power nap. When you wake up, get upright quickly and grab a cold drink of water to transition your body back to the day.

Wherever you choose to power nap, keep safety in mind. Avoid operating your car when you are very sleepy or groggy. Minimize the duration of your nap, to reduce confusion when you wake up. And if you find a really good napping spot, stick with it.

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