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Meet a Super Happy Owner of an Adjustable Base Bed

Kay enjoys her adjustable base so much that she admits to giggling when she gets in bed. Kay enjoys her adjustable base from Verlo so much that she admits to giggling when she gets into bed each night.

Not many people giggle when they get into bed. But one happy owner of a Verlo adjustable base does just that almost every night.

“I love my bed so much, it makes me giggle!” confides Kay P., who bought her adjustable base a year ago when she moved into her new home. As Kay explains, “I was shopping for a new mattress and happened to lie on one that had an adjustable base. I tried it and felt instant relief from the chronic back pain I experience daily.”

With an adjustable base, you can raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button. Your head and feet can be elevated to virtually any position, allowing you to find the most comfortable position possible for your body.

1 Kay finds that her adjustable base alleviates her chronic back pain.

The busy pharmaceutical sales rep suffers from lower back disc issues, and the hours spent on the road in her car aggravate her condition. She gets occasional steroid shots to alleviate the pain, but they can only do so much.

“I weighed the additional cost vs. the therapeutic value of getting an adjustable base, and decided it was worth it,” offers Kay. “It takes the pressure off my lower back and distributes it evenly. It relieves the pain without having to take medication. I am immediately comfortable when I’m in it. I just love it!”

Apparently, she’s not the only one.

“Whenever family or friends come over to see my new house, they always wind up in my bed – as weird as that sounds,” chuckles Kay. “Everyone wants to try out my adjustable base bed. I’ve had four people on it at once. They all love it. Even when my college-aged daughter has friends over, she’ll say, ‘Come try my mom’s bed!'”

In addition to relieving back pain, adjustable bases are also known to help improve poor circulation and swelling, and to facilitate breathing and reduce snoring. They also can alleviate the effects of acid reflux. In spite of all the health benefits of adjustable bases, many people are buying them simply for the heightened level of comfort they provide.

"I spend much more time in bed now," offers Kay. "It's just so comfortable!" “I spend much more time in bed now,” offers Kay. “It’s just so comfortable!”

“I am so excited to be in my bed at night,” offers Kay. “But, I also spend much more time in my bed during the day. I’ll bring in my coffee, and work on my laptop in the morning, or read a magazine. It’s just so comfortable!”

Verlo Mattress offers four types of adjustable bases. While they cost more than a standard foundation, you can get a queen-size adjustable base for as little as $21 per month.

According to Kay, it’s money well spent.

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