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Mattress Buying Guide: 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress

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IS THERE ANYTHING more confusing than buying a new mattress? There are so many different kinds out there, and one company’s idea of “firm support” but not be the same as their competitor’s — or match your perception of how “firm” should feel. Buying a mattress definitely takes time, but don’t be intimidated. If you keep in mind these seven things as you shop, you’re guaranteed to walk away with the perfect mattress for you.

Put on your comfy clothes and walking shoes — it’s time to go test drive some mattresses!

1. Comfort

First and foremost, you should love the way the mattress feels — and that means trying out a lot of floor models. Don’t be shy about this: Lie down on your back, side and stomach, and have your partner or a friend flop down hard next to you so your can see if the motion is transferred to your side of the bed. And make sure to spend enough time on each mattress. A Comfort Coach can guide you by asking what you like about the feel, and then steering you towards options more tailored to your needs as you zoom in on what kind of mattress feels the best on your body.

2. Size

If you’re just replacing your mattress and not your whole bed, you’ll need to stay with the same size as your old mattress so it will fit on your frame and bed. Not sure what size you have? Measure your old mattress and compare it to a mattress sizing guide so you know what size to replace it with. If you’re looking to scale up, measure your room first to make sure a larger sized mattress would fit; then remember to budget for new headboards, sheets and blankets to fit your new, larger mattress.

3. Materials

It’s not always obvious what your mattress is made of, but the materials can make a big difference. These days it’s possible to buy a mattress with state-of-the-art technology that disperses your body heat to keep you cool at night. You can also choose hypoallergenic fabrics or all-natural, sustainable materials for your mattress. You can even seek out luxurious cashmere covers and high-end quilting for a truly impressive night’s sleep. The bottom line? Ask what it’s made of and how those materials will work for you.

4.  Price

It’s a good idea to go into your mattress shopping trip with a budget in mind. What can you afford to spend? Knowing your number when you enter the store will help you narrow your choices right away, and it’s totally fine to ask to be directed to the mattresses that have the feel you’re looking for at a price point you can afford.

However, try to keep somewhat of an open mind regarding price. If, when testing mattresses, you find a more expensive mattress feels much more comfortable, the investment in your sleep comfort may be worth it – especially when you consider you’ll probably have your mattress for 10 years. If this happen, you may want to consider financing your purchase. Many mattress stores offer special financing that helps spread out the cost into affordable monthly payments.

5.  Warranty

Look for a long-term warranty that covers damages to the coils and sagging or body indentations beyond an acceptable depth. While it’s normal for your new mattress to show some wear over time, a good warranty will offer a generous replacement or repair policy for any damage beyond the ordinary. In general, the longer the warranty period lasts, the better quality mattress you’re getting, as the manufacturer is confident in its durability.

Take your time and try out as many mattresses as you want while shopping. Ask lots of questions, and feel free to “sleep” on your decision — you’ll be glad you did!

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