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The Lowdown on Low and Tall Beds

sep 25 high vs low bedsBeds have come a long way since laying a mattresses stuffed with hay and chicken feathers on the ground. Today, there are bed styles to match every personality, and aesthetic style. Let’s take a look at the different types of beds from low beds to high beds that are available in the sleep marketplace.

Low Bed Trend for Minimalist Mattresses

The low bed trend has a minimalist look. Rather than have the mattress perched up, the bed is low to the ground. When choosing this height for your bed, you avoid needing a bed frame or box spring, and instead use a very low profile platform – or put the mattress directly on the floor. For apartment dwellers, summer home renters, or individuals who want to have the least amount of furniture, the low bed trend is where it’s at. 


  • Offers a clean and simple aesthetic
  • Avoids the expense of buying a bed frame or box spring
  • Never have to worry about falling out of bed
  • Easier for pets or kids to climb in bed with you (could also be a con!) 


  • Making your bed can be difficult since everything has to be tucked in and nothing can be draped
  • Getting into or out of bed isn’t easy easy if you have back or knee problems
  • Hard to find nightstands that are the right height

High Bed for Open Spaces

high bed loft.jpgAt the other end of the spectrum are high beds like loft beds. Loft bedrooms are positioned in an open space setup. The may look like a tree house style bedroom, but loft beds for adults are all the rage. You commonly see loft bedrooms in studio apartments, tiny houses, or refurbished apartments in super tall spaces. The use of a loft bedroom lets you take full advantage of all of that open space above you. 


  • Good ulitization of space in small footprints
  • Provides a sense of separateness in an open floorplan


  • Headroom can be limited
  • Can be hard to make the bed due to limited space
  • Not as private or quiet as a traditional bedroom
  • Access to loft via a ladder can be precarious

Tall Platform Bed Frame Trend

bed with drawers underneathAnother type of high bed trend is the tall platform bed. No, we aren’t necessarily talking about bunk beds here, although that is one of the original styles of the high bed trend. For adults, the tall platform bed extends your mattress higher into the air to increase the amount of storage space you have beneath your bed. This is ideal for tiny homes, apartments, or other living arrangements where you need more storage.

And, there are traditional beds that sit high up. These beds work best in large bedrooms with high ceilings as they visually take up a lot of room. High-profile traditional beds also offer storage options underneath, but you need a dust ruffle to keep things out of sight.


  • There is room for storage under your bed
  • You don’t have to bend down to get in bed
  • Getting out of bed can be easier
  • Access may be easier for those with mobility issues 
  • The additional height can give your bed more of a presence in your bedroom
  • It’s easier on the back to make your bed  


  • You may need to purchase steps to get into bed
  • Falling out of bed can have more serious consequences
  • Pets and children have a harder time getting into your bed

Finding the right bed design for your personal style and home takes time. Think outside of the traditional bed aesthetic to get a better feel of what make work well for you. Who knows? Maybe you are one of those people who prefer a tall platform bed, or you might find the low bed to be right for your bedroom setup.

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