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Mandy Moore Doesn’t Hit the Snooze Button

We love to hear celebrities talk about sleep, and were delighted to come across actress and singer Mandy Moore discussing her sleep habits briefly in the CNN series, As Told By Her.

In it, she calls herself a “grandma” because she goes to bed so early. Sorry, Mandy, we can’t agree with you there. Mandy Moore a grandma? Never!

But she’s probably spot-on when she says she feels at her most creative in the morning. Could be because she does go to bed so early and is able to get in her 40 winks. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation would back her on that since according to them, “Sleep feeds creativity, synthesizes new ideas, and leads you to “ah ha” moments. Research shows that we need good sleep to feed our high-level, innovative thinking and problem solving abilities.”

Aug 30 brown haired woman sleepingSleep is also her friend when it comes to remembering her lines as as actress because without enough quality sleep, we become forgetful. And then, there are the amazing benefits of beauty sleep!

What are your sleep habits?

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