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Making Mattress Shopping As Comfortable As The Mattress

Some of you may have read the headline above and thought, “There’s no way that can happen.” If so, you’re not alone. According to industry leader Scott Smalling, consumer enthusiasm for mattress shopping falls “somewhere between buying underwear and going to the dentist.”

There are plenty of reasons why consumers feel this way. Admittedly, mattress shopping has historically been confusing, high-pressured and uncomfortable. Nobody likes lying in a sleep position (especially a possibly embarrassing one!) while a salesperson hoovers, trying to make a sale while you’re trying to assess the comfort of a mattress. Verlo knows this. In fact, we even made a commercial about it – check it out!

But it doesn’t have to be that way – and Verlo has proven it with the grand opening of our newly remodeled flagship store in Greenfield, WI.

Based on the belief that mattress shopping should be comfortable and stress-free, Verlo has revolutionized the entire process. In fact, from the moment you walk in the door of our new flagship store, you’ll realize you’re in for a completely different experience, one that features innovative technology, a self-directed selection process, and something else unheard of: no pressure.

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The experience starts with the hospitality area at the entrance of the showroom. It’s a welcoming spot where you can hang up your coat (nothing worse than getting hot and having to carry one around), grab a complimentary beverage from the coffee bar (mocha latte for me, please), and relax while you take in the unique store environment.

A Comfort Coach (yes, a coach, not a pushy salesperson) greets you and explains Verlo’s no-pressure selection process that features innovative iPad technology. After answering a few simple questions about your sleep comfort needs, the iPad directs you to the mattresses that best meet your needs, based on your answers.

No mattresses lined up like a sad orphanage

Mattresses are organized by collections, with each collection meeting specific customer needs. For instance, some collections can help you to sleep cooler, while others will help with partner disturbance – or both. Four mattresses from each collection are arranged in a fanned-out formation, with half walls separating the mattresses to provide a sense of privacy. (This prevents you from staring at the customer lying next to you – which can be so awkward!)

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Verlo even went so far as to hang purse hooks on the walls so you can shop without the burden of holding a heavy purse. Doing this may seam like a small contribution to a customer’s comfort, but it’s going over in a BIG way.

“The reaction to the purse hooks has been fantastic!” offers Darren Brylow, a veteran Comfort Coach. “Women seem to really appreciate that courtesy and attention to detail.”

In the middle of each collection is a tall pillar affixed with easy-to-understand icons that identify which needs the mattress collection addresses. For instance, a snowflake icon lets you know that the collection will help you to sleep cooler.

The iPads are beacon enabled so if you are holding one as you approach a mattress collection, a beacon activates the appearance of information about the collection. Comfort Coaches are also on hand to answer any questions, and provide guidance and expertise.

“In general, customers are finding the iPads and selection process to be very easy, ” says Darren. “They love the icons and have said they really appreciate the sense of privacy created by the half walls.”

Suffice it to say, mattress shopping is now a lot more comfortable than buying underwear or going to the dentist

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