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Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Oasis

FEB 12 featured image.jpgYOUR BEDROOM IS more than the perfect place to get necessary shut-eye. It is also a place to focus on your sensual and romantic needs – especially during the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you enjoy your bedroom by yourself or with a partner, make your bedroom a place to throw off the cares of the day and focus on your needs or those of another. Learn how to remake your bedroom into a place for romance and pleasure today.

Remove and Declutter

The first step in creating a sanctuary for romance is to remove the reminders of daily life and obligations from the space.

    • Relocate mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to another room or space. The ding of emails or messages are an automatic kill-joy and reminder of responsibilities that can impact the mood that you are hoping to create.
    • Go through and eliminate collected bills or paperwork. You want a clear space.
    • Clean, sort and put away any laundry sitting out.
    • Get a new, sensual set of linens or freshen up or add to an existing sheet or comforter set.
    • Vacuum, dust and clean the space to create a more inviting atmosphere.
Indulge the Senses

Smells. Lighting. Color. Think of all the ways to enhance your space and create a sensual playroom.

candlelight.jpgConsider the addition of fragranced candles to add soft lighting and an intriguing scent to a room. Patchouli, lavender, sandalwood or amber can bring intriguing notes to a room that stimulate the olfactory senses and remind you of previous vacations and exotic destinations.

Candles add color, fragrance and lighting to room, establishing a romantic mood. They come in a wide range of shapes and romantic colors, such as red, burgundy, pink, purple, white and black. Choose the colors that work best for the romantic setting you would like to create. You can stand them alone or grouped together at various heights. Or, consider using floating candles in glass bowls or cocktail glasses. If candles are not available, use a dimmer to reduce any harsh lighting or look for battery-operated candles.

romantic bed.jpgSilk, sateen and other soft-textured fabrics are a welcome change from the every day, and help to make your bedroom into a place for touch and pleasure. Romantic linens and bedding can be used to enhance your existing sheets, pillows and comforters. From satin accent pillows, Valentine pillow covers, red or black sheets and more, you can invoke interesting tactile sensations and invite exploration.

Create a playlist of music to induce feeling of love and connection. Soft background music enhances the romantic ambiance. Use romantic favorites or look for sounds from exotic singers in foreign language. Explore over 1000 romantic music ideas on Pinterest or listen to romantic instrumental music on YouTube.

Last Romantic Tips
    • Spread flower petals on the bed sheet or trail them from the door to the bedroom to create visual interest.
    • Take a relaxing shower or bath in preparation of luxuriating in a romantic bedroom of your own design.
    • Read romantic literature together or share stories of when you first met to engage with your partner.

Remember that romance is not only for Valentine’s Day but for any time that you want to feel special.

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