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Local Verlo Owner Explains the Verlo Value

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MAYBE YOU NEVER thought buying a mattress was akin to buying a car, but Verlo Mattress franchise store owner Ray Westman can’t help but see it as the same type of investment. 

“If you have a problem, you’re not just going to throw away the car and get a new one,” he says. “You’re going to have the machanic change the spark plugs or change the fuel filter.

“We can bring your mattress back to the store, take it apart, rebuild it and put it back together so that it’s harder or softer. Whatever your issue is, we’ll be able to help solve it.”

ray.jpgRay should know, he’s worked at Verlo since high school, more years ago than he would probably admit to. Today, he is the successful owner of three Verlo Mattress stores (McHenry, IL, Crystal Lake, IL, and Lake Geneva, WI).

Ray was uniquely qualified to sit down with reporter Chris Linden of the Northwest Quarterly and talk about what makes Verlo different from other mattress stores. He explained to Chris that because Verlo makes its own mattresses, it’s able to sell higher-quality products at more competitive price.

His comments can be read in the article, Returning Local Craftsmanship to the Bedroom, in the Fall 2016 issue.

It’s a good read, and we have to say, “Ray, you made us proud!” 





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