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Escape to Wisconsin Where There’s Less Sleep, More Shoveling.

October 30, 2008 119 Wisconsin ties for the state that gets the least amount of sleep. Sharif Durhams wonders if it’s because we’re all dairy farmers who have to wake at the crack of dawn. Maybe it’s because we’re always shoveling.

We just discovered that Wisconsin gets less sleep than “the city that never sleeps.” In fact, we sleep less than residents in 48 other states, tying with Rhode Island as the state whose residents get the least amount of sleep, averaging only 8 hours and 26 minutes a night compared to the 9 hours and 7 minutes Mississippi residents get. At least that’s what The Washington Post originally determined using data from an American Time Use Survey.

How can that be?

Sharif Durhams posted a blog today on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that discusses the survey’s findings. In it, she ponders what could cause Wisconsin residents to get the short end of the sleeping stick, suggesting that maybe we stay up to drink more or “we’re all dairy farmers who have to be awake at dawn.”

I think I know why Wisconsin residents sleep less: We’re always shoveling! There’s a slight chance I’m wrong, but it sure felt like it this past winter. There’s nothing we can do about the weather, but we certainly can improve upon the sleep that we do get. My suggestion? A new comfy mattress from Verlo but, of course, I’m biased.

Check out Sharif’s blog for other interesting tidbits about how Americans spend their time.

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