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Keeping Warm with Winter Sheet Options

socks in warm bed sheets.jpgWhile taking steps to make your home warm and cozy for winter, don’t forget about warm options for your bed sheets.

Just like when Goldilocks was tasting spoonfuls of porridge that were either “too hot” or “too cold,” finding the right sheets will help you feel comfortable all night long — without making you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re in an oven or an igloo.

Here are sheet options you might want to consider for keeping the nip out of the air – and your bed. 

Flannel Sheets
Perhaps best known for shirts and pajamas, flannel is an excellent material for sheets. When the cold weather takes over, it’s nice to have the added touch of warmth and softness that flannel provides.

Why does flannel feel so good in winter? It may have to do with the fluffed up fibers that not only surround you in softness, but also trap your body heat to help envelop you in warmth. That’s why farmers, who often work outside in cold, early mornings, are so fond on flannel shirts.

Cotton Sheets
Cotton is a popular choice for sheets throughout all the seasons of the year. Not only is it breathable, keeping you from sweating while you sleep, but it is also a highly affordable material. The fact that cotton is a durable fabric makes it an appropriate choice for children and adults alike. It also layers well with blankets, quilts, and comforters for added warmth. Higher thread count in cotton sheets indicates higher quality sheets, so keep that in mind when shopping for cotton.

Microfiber Sheets
If cost is the main concern for you, microfiber has a lot to offer. These affordable sheet sets are made of extremely soft, durable, synthetic fibers that are comfortable and warm, in addition to being incredibly inexpensive. Much like cotton sheets, microfiber sheets indicate quality with higher thread counts.

Fleece Sheets
The insulating properties in fleece make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of winter items, including blankets, jackets, scarves, hats, and other articles of clothing in winter. It is now becoming a popular choice for sheets for the same reasons.

jan-23 folded sheetsCombined with easy care instructions, it’s easy to see why fleece is a clear winner among consumers – especially those looking to erase the chill of winter from their bones.


Linen Sheets
For those who sleep hot and aren’t interested in adding warmth to their bedding, linen sheets provide a crisp coolness that helps people to handle temperature fluctuations — without needing to kick the covers off! If you opt for linen sheets, warmth can easily be added with a light blanket or two. 

Finding the right sheets for winter can be a challenge as choosing the wrong sheets can leave you feeling “too hot” or “too cold.” But just like Goldilocks and her porridge, by taking the time to learn about winter sheet options, you’re sure to find a set that is “ahhh… just right.”

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