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It’s Mismatch Time…Big Whoop

Once or twice a year, Verlo holds its popular Mismatch Mattress Sale. For those in the know, it’s a great time to purchase an awesome mattress at a reduced price. But for novices, the term “mismatch” might sound confusing or intimidating, i.e., “What doesn’t match?” and “Does it matter?”

Rest assured, we’re not talking about putting a queen-sized mattress on top of a king-sized foundation, or a less expensive mattress on a high-end foundation. When we say “mismatched,” we’re simply referring to the fabric on the mattress set (the cover and sides of the mattress, and the material used on the bottom foundation). Usually the fabrics all match or coordinate, but during the sale, they don’t. Hence, the “mismatch” sale.

But allow me to clarify – we’re not talking about hideously unmatched fabrics. The fabrics used during the Mismatch Sale are only subtly different. We merely use discontinued fabrics or overstocked inventory – both of which were deemed attractive enough to put on our mattresses originally. The inside of the mattress stays exactly the same. Think of it as changing the wrapping paper on a gift. It doesn’t change what’s inside at all. But, since the fabrics are different, we reduce the price.

Does it matter? Absolutely not when it comes to comfort. But yes, when it comes to your wallet. We say it best in our TV commercial posted above, “So the fabrics don’t match…big whoop.”

Verlo’s Mismatch Mattress Sale is the perfect match between financial practicality and luxurious comfort. And that is a big deal.

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