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Is Sleeping Naked For You? The Pros & Cons of Trading Your PJs for Your Birthday Suit

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ACCORDING TO A RECENT STUDY, 17 percent of Americans prefer to sleep “unclothed.” Are you one of them? Do you want to be? (Don’t worry, we won’t judge.) It turns out that there are several benefits to sleeping nude that you probably haven’t considered. Check out the pros and cons of being naked beneath the sheets to see if it’s right for you.

Sleeping Naked: The Pros

Daring to bare it all at bedtime can have its rewards. Here are some (totally innocent) reasons you might want to give it a go:

    • Cooler Bodies Sleep Better: Without extra layers of clothing, you’re likely to get a better night’s sleep because your body’s natural temperature fluctuations can occur without waking you up. If you sometimes find yourself tossing and turning because you’re kicking off the blankets in a sweaty fit, sleeping nude could solve your problem.
    • Cooler Bodies Burn More Fat: At least one major study has shown that sleeping in lower temperatures can increase your metabolism and help you stay skinnier than if you sleep all bundled up. Ditching your flannel pajamas could actually help you lose a little weight.
    • Just for Men: Sleeping naked can allow your testicles some much-appreciated breathing room, according to Men’s Health magazine. The increased air flow reduces your risk of chafing and bacterial infection down there, and cooler temps keep your sperm healthy and plentiful.

Sleeping Naked: The Cons

Not sure if you’re ready to burn your sleepwear and toss off the undies at bedtime? Here are a few reasons you could be totally justified in hanging on to that cute nightie:

    • Close Encounters With Roommates: If you don’t have the luxury of living alone — or with just your significant other — naked bedtime habits could leave you open to some seriously embarrassing moments. Imagine an emergency bathroom break in the wee small hours and running into your roommate (or worse, her overnight guests).
    • Extra Loads of Laundry:Wearing clothes to bed will definitely help keep your sheets cleaner for longer, and it’s a lot easier to wash your little pajamas than it is to strip your bed and wash the sheets. No matter how scrupulously clean you are, your naked self is going to leave behind some bacteria.
    • Winter Is Coming: All those cooler sleeping temperatures are good up to a point, but if you don’t have control over the temperature of your bedroom — or if your home isn’t well-insulated against drafts — the winter can leave you shivering without some warm jammies. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep.

The bottom line? Do what’s right for you. If you think you’d enjoy the freedom of sleeping in the raw, go for it! Your nether regions will especially thank you. Not cool with overexposure? Wear loose-fitting, comfortable sleepwear that breathes well, and you’ll get a good night’s rest, too. If you’re not sure, experiment until you find a choice that works for you.

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