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Innovative Travel Pillows Elevate Sleeping Away from Home

june 14 travel pillowYou know the “pleasure” of trying to sleep on an airplane, train, or even in the car while on a long trip. If you’re like most people, you usually spend more time trying to find a comfortable position than actually resting. And if you’re in tight quarters with strangers, then you’re even more unlikely to get any sleep.

That’s why many travelers are now investing in travel pillows that offer neck support and soft cushioning. You’ve seen the traditional neck pillows in stores, but there are far more options than you may realize. If you’re willing to do some experimenting, you could find that a travel cushion is what you need to get that much-needed shuteye while away from home.

Beyond the Average Neck Pillow

Innovation is raging in the world today, so if you haven’t looked at travel pillows in some time, you may have a surprise coming. You can find creative spins on the airplane pillow and neck support pillows in all shapes and sizes, so simply slipping a U-shaped pillow around your neck is no longer the only option you have. Just keep in mind that having more options also means more time spent researching and experimenting until you find the travel cushion that helps you rest easy.

One professional traveler put four of the more innovative pillows to the test and decided that the Travelrest Travel Pillow was the best fit for her. It looks like a miniature body pillow and has the flexibility to support your neck and head in a variety of sleeping positions. It’s also compact enough to stay within your own seat when sitting next to a stranger, and it won’t take up too much room in your carry-on bag.

neck pillow with musci.jpgAre you curious about other travel pillow trends circulating the airways? Imagine a neck pillow that doubles as a headset to pump your favorite music or podcast right into your ears. What about a U-shaped airplane pillow that doubles as a neck massager? You can even choose from new shapes, like the Truffle Snooze Pillow that’s shaped like a gumdrop.

Selecting the Perfect Travel Pillow

woman sitting with travel pillow and suitcase.jpgWith so many options on the market, how do you select one travel pillow that will meet all of your needs? The truth is that one pillow may not solve all of your on-the-go sleep problems. You may end up with a collection of products once you start exploring all of your options. You may even find yourself loading up on travel sleep gear for use at home. To determine which product may best fit your needs, answer a few questions:

    • Do you want your travel cushion to serve double duty? If so, what is most important to you? Do you need a source of entertainment, a way to relieve stress, or extra cushioning?
    • Do you intend to use your pillow while sitting upright or in a reclined position?
    • Do you need a lightweight pillow that you can squeeze into your luggage, or are you traveling in a private vehicle where space isn’t a concern?

You may also want to think about simple things like the colors available. Find something that you won’t feel embarrassed pulling out of your day bag on the train or slipping around your neck on an airplane. Good sleep is always more important than appearances, but some color options or a fun print on the material can elevate a boring neck pillow to a fun sleep aid that you can’t wait to use.

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