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Helping Georgia Sleep Better For 9,125 Nights

Twenty-five years is a la-oong time. In fact, it equates to 9,125 nights – and that’s just how long Jeff Koldoff, our Atlanta-based franchisee, has owned and operated the local Verlo Mattress store in Peachtree City, GA.

Taking care of people comes naturally to Jeff, who is also a fire fighter. He takes a lot of pride in being able to satisfy his customers’ needs for a quality mattress and a good night’s sleep. And judging by how far some customers have traveled to his store or asked him to ship a mattress, he’s very good at it and has quite a following.

Verlo Mattress Factory Delivery TruckIn celebration of his 25th anniversary, Jeff Koldoff’s new truck proudly displays his 25-year service badge.

One customer drove from South Carolina after spending a couple of nights on a Verlo mattress at a friend’s house. Another customer had him ship a new Verlo mattress to Kiev, Ukraine, when he relocated due to a job transfer. Jeff has also built and shipped mattresses to Central and South America, as well as to South Africa. To say nothing of all the local residents who rely on him to meet their comfort needs.

Throughout the years, Jeff has witnessed much change in the mattress industry. “When I started, there were no pillowtop mattresses; mattresses were basic,” he explained. “Mattresses weren’t as thick, and there were no foam mattresses.” Jeff commented that “customers are more informed now; they conduct their research online.”

Late this summer, Verlo is launching a new collection of mattresses that will address more consumer needs and feature new bedding technology. Jeff says he’s “excited about the changes that will be coming.”

If the past 25 years are any indication, we know that future Verlo customers will be in capable hands.

Congratulations, Jeff, on your 25th Verlo anniversary!

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