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Happy World Cat Day!

Meow!  Happy World Cat Day! 

Verlo loves the furry friends that sleep with us and love us. In honor of World Cat Day, we thought we would share a heart-warming story about a Verlo customer and her cat. 


The Verlo staff prides itself on putting customer needs first — even their cats. Recently, customer satisfaction was reached in a unique way. 

After her mattress had been delivered, Verlo customer Leann P. noticed that her cat was missing. Extremely panicked, she went to the her local Verlo store and asked the staff to check the delivery truck to make sure her cat wasn’t inside. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. 

Still understandably upset, the next day she asked if she herself go in the truck to assure herself that the cat wasn’t hiding. Verlo was happy to oblige her while a staff member completed yet another thorough search, but to no avail. In the days following, Verlo remained in frequent contact with Leann to check on her and ensure everything in their power was being done to assist in the search. 


Miraculously, Leann found her cat after 65 days. Much relieved, Leann sent Verlo a letter expressing her appreciation for their help. Here is an excerpt from her letter: 

“Because they [Verlo staff] are kind and love animals, they were all willing to help above and beyond… I am forever grateful to your employees for being so very kind to me in those first few, awful days.” 

To show her appreciation even further, Leann dropped off brownies at Verlo, which made everyone purr.

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