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Happy National Sleep Awareness Week!


So, I bet you weren’t aware of the significance of this week. If you’re like most people, the only thing you’re aware of in regard to sleep is your desperate wish for more of it.

That’s understandable since many of us rarely feel well rested on a regular basis. We’re all trying to squeeze too many things into too little time. Which of course backfires because doing this makes us tired, and when we’re tired, our productivity goes down. Yeah…you know how that works.

It’s a bad cycle.

Maybe that’s why Sleep Awareness Week exists. If we want to improve our lives, perhaps it makes sense to focus on our sleep cycles – or lack of them. At least for one week.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is running a campaign on Facebook and Twitter using #7Days4BetterSleep. It challenges us to pay attention to our sleep during the week of March 6 – 13th.

They’re also offering 7 tips (one for each day) for getting better sleep, such as making your bedroom more conducive to sleep (Day 4’s tip).

For more in-depth suggestions on how to design a bedroom that says “come, fall asleep here,” read what interior designer Candice Olson has to say in an article on Media Planet.

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