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Great Sleep Presents for Dad: Snooze On!

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show the dads, step-dads, grandpas, and other father figures in our lives just how much we appreciate them. While it may be true that “it’s the thought that counts,” there is such as thing as too many novelty ties and “Number One Dad” mugs.  


Sleep-themed presents for dad are the perfect way to acknowledge how hard he works, and there’s an almost universal need for better sleep: more than 35 percent of us are sleep deprived, and as many as 70 million suffer from a sleep disorder. The gift of great sleep pays dividends: quality sleep is vital to physical and mental health and well-being.

Specialty Pillows

Pillows play an important role in getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Unfortunately, finding the perfect pillow is often difficult. Thankfully, Verlo makes it easier for you to find your perfect pillow with the world’s largest selection and a fitting process that’s unique to you, our professionally trained staff, and guaranteed lowest price at the point of sale. 

Verlo has a wide arrange of pillows to choose from, starting from real feather down pillows to gel foam, all the way to unique specialties. The process that Verlo embarks on in assisting you in finding the perfect fit revolves around analyzing your sleep habits. By taking into consideration your sleep position, body type and conducting a pillow test, our comfort coaches will be able to help you find the perfect pillow for you to lay your head on at night.

dad taking a nap.jpgEven if your dad’s an old-fashioned guy who doesn’t want any fancy bells and whistles in his bed, his regular pillow may be due for an upgrade. Choosing a pillow based on personal needs and sleep position can alleviate a number of sleep problems. 

Sleep Gadgets

Techie toys often make great gifts for men. The newest crop of sleep apps and gadgets harness biofeedback technology to analyze sleeping habits and estimate the stages of the sleep cycle.

The top-of-the-line sleep gadget that Verlo has to offer are our adjustable base sets. If your father suffers from back pain, he can adjust his bed to the incline that places the least amount of pressure on his back. Look for adjustable bed frames or reclining beds that allow him to adjust his feet as well. In some cases, adjusting the legs is critical to relieving pressure on the back. 

If you don’t think that your father needs an adjustable base frame right now, think about what obstacles he may face over the next year or two. With each passing year, he becomes more likely to experience falls to undergo medical procedures that require at-home recovery. Reclining beds are also a big convenience for the dad who enjoys reading, eating, or watching television from the comfort of his bed. Plus, an adjustable base would be a perfect fit for you, the significant other! 

To learn more about Verlo’s adjustable base sets, click here.

Low-Tech Gift Ideas

If smart sleep pillows and brilliant gadgets aren’t exactly up your dad’s alley, you can still stick with a sleepytime theme. Comfy pajama pants, crisp sheets, relaxing teas, and aromatherapy candles are all thoughtful gifts for dad that convey the message without breaking the bank.

If your budget is basically zero, you can make some heartfelt certificates for sleep, such as “nap tickets” or a promise to take over morning chores on weekends so he can sleep in.

This Father’s Day, presents for dad can be both thoughtful and useful. Snooze-related gifts let him know that you love him and want him to have all the awesome benefits of great sleep, and he’ll think of you every time he settles in for a good night’s rest.

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