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Give the Gift of Sleep this Holiday Season

holding a present on lapWant a good night’s sleep for Christmas? So does every other adult on your shopping list. If you’re stumped for holiday gift ideas for the busy loved ones in your life, try wrapping up a few sleep-inducing items like the ones we’ve listed here. These gifts are tops on everyone’s list:

1. The Contoured, Organic, Breathable Sleep Pillow

A pillow is not just a pillow anymore. Today, pillows are a big industry, and the more customized — the better. That’s why you now have the option of buying pillows that not only lull you to sleep, they work hard while you rest. There’s the memory foam pillow with the cover made from sustainable bamboo. It conforms and molds to your neck and head to make for the most amazing sleep possible.

And then there’s the anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic pillow that stays fresh and clean now matter how badly you abuse it. Need a bigger selection? There’s a pillow that cools you while you sleep, one that’s specifically crafted for side-sleepers and even ones that are filled with buckwheat hulls to help reduce stress on your spine.

Pillows are a wonderful gift for the sleep-deprived loved ones on your list, and some are even pricey enough for those you love the most.

2. The Introductory Yoga Lesson

Yoga has multiple benefits for everyone, from nice to naughty. It improves posture, helps to build strong core muscles, improves balance and focus and can even help you lose weight. Best of all? Yoga can help you sleep better at night. Simple, restorative poses such as those found in the Nidra or Hatha styles are best before bedtime and have proven to help people who suffer from chronic insomnia. Consider investing in a series of beginner videos, along with the simple gear that accompanies yoga — a mat, a ball, or a nice set of yoga blocks — to please the pickiest people on your Christmas list.


3. The Aromacizer

Essential oils are huge this year, and a nice bedside diffuser that helps circulate them throughout the bedroom makes a wonderfully aromatic gift. Today’s diffusers use simple distilled water as a carrier, and operation is as easy as filling the base of an electric diffuser with water and adding in the oils drop by drop. There are diffusers that glow softly with muted lights, diffusers that play relaxing music or just your simple, garden-variety diffuser that only rests on the nightstand and looks nice. Add some herbal oils such as lavender, chamomile or bergamot to help encourage sleep in even the most stressed of Christmas gift recipients.

Whatever the likes and dislikes of those privileged enough to make your Christmas gift list this holiday season, you can bet the one thing they would all love to have is more sleep — at least if they’re over the age of sixteen. Be a hero this year by thinking out of the box and opting for something that encourages sleep: a new mattress, a soft, plushy coverlet, maybe some sexy footed pajamas to wear on those cold, cold nights. Or, stick with the three popular options we’ve listed above. After all, who doesn’t love the gift of ultimate comfort?

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