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Give the Gift of Sleep this Grad Season

We’re becoming fully submerged in the dog days of summer, which means graduation season is also at its pinnacle. Whether your loved one is heading off into the real world from college or making that crossover to college from high school, scholars everywhere are donning caps and gowns. No matter where your son, daughter, grandchild, or whomever it may be is walking the stage, the gift of sleep is an ideal gift for recent grads.

To start things off, our Verlo-to-Go is a perfect addition to the life of a graduate. Beds are never the easiest part of the moving process, but the Verlo-to-Go takes the difficulty out of your hands. With its innovation and uniqueness, the Verlo-to-Go is a gel foam mattress that comes in a box that can be easily transported. It’ll fit in the back seat of every car, or you can have it delivered right to your front step. Don’t let the box fool you. This bed is identical to the Verlo mattress on the showroom floor. Once you get it home and in your room, it’ll expand in minutes and be ready to sleep on in no time! Still unsure about this concept? Come into a Verlo store and we’ll gladly allow you to test one out.


If your grad is headed to a dorm room (or even their first apartment), a place for a guest to sleep might be needed. In these cases, a futon could be a nice fit. A futon is simply a bed that can double as a small couch or love seat. They come in many varieties, ranging from traditional springs to foam or soft cotton. Futons are often thin to the point where one can feel the metal bars beneath the mattress. You should first consider how you’re going to use your futon bed before selecting a mattress. Think about personal sleep needs because everybody sleeps differently. 

Finally, a good pillow can go a very long way in discovering a better night’s sleep. It may be very likely that your grad is using the same pillow they’ve had beneath their head for years. With that being said, it might be fair to say that a change would be appreciated. Thankfully, Verlo has plenty of pillows to choose from. 

Whether you like a firmer or softer pillow, Verlo has you covered. Ranging from memory foam to specialty pillows and everywhere in between, you’ll surely find a perfect match. Shop Verlo’s wide selection and be sure to speak to one of our Comfort Coaches to ensure you find the best fit that meets your unique sleep and comfort needs.

Stop into Verlo today for your graduation gifts! 


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