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Give Dad Comfort and Pain Relief with an Adjustable Base for Father’s Day

june 17 adjustable base for dadThe pressure is on to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for a man who has given his all to those he loves. Though he may seem to have it all, there is one thing that his life may still lack: a great night of sleep.

There are many reasons why a father may have trouble sleeping, including an aching back, chronic acid reflux, sleep apnea, or the extra pounds that may cause excessive snoring. While you may not be able to solve these problems for dear old dad, you could offer him  some relief with an adjustable bed frame.

Undeniable Health Benefits

Adjustable bed frames give you the freedom to choose a sleeping position that is most comfortable for your body. Some beds allow you to adjust each side individually, which frees couples to snuggle together on the same level and then adjust each side to accommodate individual sleeping preferences. There are also some health benefits that your father can only enjoy if he has an adjustable bed:

    • dad with back pain.jpgIf your father suffers from back pain, he can adjust his bed to the incline that places the least amount of pressure on his back. Look for adjustable bed frames or reclining beds that allow him to adjust his feet as well as the top of the bed. In some cases, adjusting the legs is critical to relieving pressure on the back.
    • He can raise the bed to sitting position before getting up. This eliminates the stress of pulling himself to an upright position when his joints are hurting or his muscles are stiff. This can help anyone with back pain, arthritis and many other painful health conditions. It can also help someone who simply suffers from the achy, stiff joints that come naturally with age.
    • Sleeping in an upright position can reduce or eliminate acid reflux. The burning discomfort of this digestive disorder is one of the most common reasons for sleep disturbance, and doctors often recommend that patients elevate their upper body with pillows. A reclining bed is a much easier way to find relief.
    • Adjusting your father’s sleeping position is one of the most effective ways to improve blood circulation. This is important for someone with diabetes, and it may help relieve swelling and stiffness in the legs caused by other medical conditions. If your father wears compression socks, he could likely use help with his circulation at night.

If you don’t think that your father needs an adjustable bed frame right now, think about what obstacles he may face over the next year or two. With each passing year, he becomes more likely to experience falls to undergo require medical procedures that require at-home recovery. Reclining beds are also a big convenience for the dad who enjoys reading, eating, watching television, or doing puzzles from the comfort of his bed.

The Most Natural Snoring Solutions

Whether your father has sleep apnea or just snores a lot, it’s amazing how adjusting his sleeping position can make a difference instantly. An upright sleeping position opens the airways naturally and prevents excess fat around the neck from blocking the airways. This reduces much of the risk that comes from sleeping with obstructive sleep apnea. It can also help the father who carries a few extra pounds and snores as a result.

If your father spends his mornings staring out the window with bags under his eyes, eagerly waiting for his first pot of coffee, reclining beds could make a positive difference in his life. Whether he’s a hardworking man who doesn’t have much time to sleep, or he has medical issues that prevent him from enjoying deep sleep that rejuvenates his body and soul, you can upgrade his bed for fast relief this Father’s Day. This is one of the more expensive gift ideas, so consider getting your siblings or other loved ones to split the cost.

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